Long time no run… But two days ago I finally ran again!
I have been in a flu for good three weeks and it took more than a month to get back on my running feet. I think I needed this break from running and everything that I was so hard trying to do. Sometimes breaks are good! In this month I got my love and the sense of joy back to the idea of running, when you see as much running related photos and read about, you start missing it. So it worked!

Also in that break I started fearing running. I noticed that I was afraid that I’ll do bad or don’t know how to enjoy it anymore and million of other things that were more than negative. Unfortunately I’m great at making negative scenarios…

But for my surprise the run went super well. I enjoyed every step. I was smiling and singing!
I have been reading Kara Gouchers Running For Women: From First Steps To Marathon. It’s great book and I really needed some inspiration. She writes in this laid pack way but knows how to be strick too. So it’s a book for me!
So when I run my first run again, I had her advices in my head and so I remembered to take it easy and slow.
The weather was crazy hot, +32C, but somehow it didn’t bother me and the thing is that I don’t really like hot weather. And I put my boyfriends Iron Maiden tshirt on so that I have little extra power :).
It’s safe to say that I’m waiting to run again but with new look on the sport.

This week has been good all in all and today I got FINALLY my long awaited Nike Flyknit One+ sneakers! I have been in need for new sneakers since late winter and the patience practise paid off when I put them on! Have to thank my parents for sponsoring them for me and making me childishly happy and stoked! 🙂
So on wednesday I retired my loyal friends Nike Freeruns and tomorrow I take my Flyknits on their maiden run haha!



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