Here We Go Again…

Oh boy what a day… Sometimes the days are bad and that’s it!

Today I had a hard talk which ended up in tears about me learning german, working, knowing what to do with my life(or in my case not knowing…).
I have been under a lot of pressure about those things because it haven’t been that easy here for me and it haven’t gone like I would hope for.
I’ve honestly never been this lost with what I want to do with my life. When I was a teenager I always knew, and I felt proud that I knew and others didn’t!

That’s not the case at the moment. When someone asks, I feel empty and kind of helpless or hopeless,probably both. I really would like to know haha!

When I think about it I come up with things like:
“I want to work in a Nike store or running store”
“I want to have a store where I can sell all those awesome running clothes, streetwear stuff, shoes and others that I love (and am pretty sure that someone else loves too hahaha)”
“I want to have a juiceshop”

The thing is that I always wanted to have my own store, that has always been in the back of my head… But I think I should first know where I want to be and built my life. Or do I have to know it now?
I’m almost 30 and I feel that I’m supposed to know, at least something!!

Well there was something really nice too today :).
My second run after that month. Damn it felt good! I got to take my new sneakers, Nike Flyknit One+s, to their maiden voyage haha. I’m so happy with them, they feel like your walking on a cloud❤.
The run was pretty hilarious… I waited home when it was raining that it stops and almost didn’t go at all, because I didn’t want to dirty my new babes ;)… Yes I know it sounds stupid but hey, I just got them and they are so beautiful!!
Thanks to my Boyfriend I got my ass up and went and damn it felt good! And the raining started again haha, really poured! I could only laugh and keep going. By the time I turned back home the sun came out and gave me awesome run back! And my day feels so much better after that run. That’s the thing about getting your ass out the door, it makes you feel better, it just does!! 🙂


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