There are few Ladies that give me such a Boost and just purely are AMAZING!


This AMAZEBALLS Lady, gives the best motivation in the world! She’s Huge part of my want to change. She runs and runs and runs a little more with such poise and love for the sport that it gives you goose bumps and ridiculous smile on your face! 🙂 With her help and words I feel that I’m more capable than I am!! Huge hugs to Robin!


I just found this Lady but the way she writes her blog and thoughts, are giving me this comforting feeling that I’m not alone with my thoughts about myself, my beauty and so many other things!


Oh my, I love this Lady! If you want to feel happy and inspired, you should watch her #issues videos!! All in all amazing Lady too!

All these ladies, and there are soooooo many more in this world that inspire and motivate me, are making running and all around better living and feeling kinda cool and something that you really want to do! I love that all of them are filled with such a Flavor with their style, pure happiness of what they do and so crazy drive!

I feel that I cant write how they have helped me already. I just want to Thank You and keep doing what you do, because you make me feel that I do belong with all my weird sides and thoughts! 🙂

One thought on “Heros, Power Ladies & Super Women!

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