But my mind is still making this hard on me, so hard. When I woke up my legs felt good, way better than yesterday. And I thought that I run in the morning or early on during the day, because it was supposed to rain the whole day.

So I went for my run and it was little bit of a battle, more with my mind than my legs. That’s something that I don’t get, how on earth your body can just do it but your mind not. Why can’t they be in symbiosis or something like that. Or is that something that you have to work on too?

But I am proud of myself. That I know. I also am happy that I decided to put this project here, because this is the reason that I want to succeed. I would feel so embarrassed if I would give up. And on my instagram I have people cheering me on, that’s a first! 🙂 But it feels that people are behind me on this one, and that feels super good!

I also realized today on my run that this the first time ever, that I haven’t given up. FIRST time in 29 years?! What’s wrong with me and why I always stop before the good stuff begins? Well I guess I’m not doing it now then… 🙂

Let’s see what tomorrow brings and I maybe have to give my body a break from my 5K daily run, less is equally enough. But ones you make your mind…

Oh yeah, and I wanted to share my running music, if someone loves them too :).

Today it was all about Beyonce!! I looooove me some Beyonce!!! Last SuperBowl, my boyfriend and our friend had to stay quiet as a something hahah when she did her Halftime Show!!! 😀

Monday: Syron- Mixtape #1

Tuesday: Ellie Goulding- Halcyon Remixed (Nike remix)

Today: Beyonce- BDay

For some reason my Nike app puts treadmill when I run on the road…


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