4/31 & New Game Plan

Today was a HARD day, in many ways.

After last nights icing episode and not getting sleep in more than 2 hours after that, I had time to think what I should do to be able to continue this project someway.
When my legs felt like poop in the morning still and didn’t get any better after stretching and more icing, I had to change my plan.

This is super hard for me. I felt like I’m failing, like the old giver upper was back. It sucked! I was moping most of the day and was sad and angry to myself.
Why do I have to go either full on or not at all? I didn’t think infront that if I haven’t worked out constantly in many months, I should start from zero not from hundred!

But this is good thing too. I had to stop and think. That’s not my strongest point.
Now I have to accept that I have to slow down, I’m not going to do this like I wanted.
I have to do this by building my whole health, which is not that bad :)!
I want to have long long distance running life and that means that I have to do this the slow way. So there is good thing in this “defeat”.

I have to think this now and probably rest my legs at least two days, which doesn’t mean that I’m not doing anything. Today was a stretch day, full on and oh boy, did I need it! More of that in the future and tomorrow is a Pilates day :). And of course long walks with the dog!

Tomorrow I’ll figure my plan and how I want to continue my project!



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