This is going to be a break-it-down post. I have been thinking lot of things these past three days and it’s easier to follow when it’s not only in one.

Let’s start from 5/31

Okay, so friday was at the same time the low point and the best point of this week. My legs felt lot better but I knew that I shouldn’t run yet to be smart. There was super nice things too, like seeing my friends twin baby girls :). Taking care of them for an hour when mama was in a class, it makes you slow down and appreciate that moment in a totally different way! And the best thing was to skype with my man, pure love and happiness to see his face and hear his voice! Nothing better!❤

But when I came back home after grocery shopping, I didn’t feel like doing anything, I just wanted to watch something from TV and lay around like a lazy ass. And I all of sudden realize how easy and fast it is to fall back on those old ways. And it made me feel somehow ashamed, that something is changed in me and I didn’t want to give up yet! Huge thing to realize for me!

So before going to bed, I stretched and did some strength training, so it wasn’t totally useless day. And of course I rode my bike everywhere :).

This song from Yuna is one of my power songs :).


When I woke up to saturday I felt ready to go! I took my dog out and then went for a run, and damn it felt good!!

Kept it really easy and short, even though it wasn’t easy when it felt so good :). Did some strength training and loads of stretches. Ate lot better food and drank more water. And even had so much weird energy that cleaned up a lot haha.

And in the evening when I went for a walk with my dog, I just wanted to try to run with him and all of sudden was running the same route as in morning with him. It was so awesome to see him so happy and stoked! That face!

Here’s my power song for saturdays run: Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton-Freedom


Today I woke up with a annoying headache, not what I wanted but maybe this heat and sun did it’s trick. I felt bummed because I really wanted to run and do things.

I thought that it’s better to try to hydrate like crazy and eat well, maybe it will go away. And early evening I started feeling better, goody, because I was afraid that it will turn into a migraine. So I geared up for a walk/run, with my dog. Wasn’t sure which one it will be but it turned out to an awesome run. So much fun to run with him!

It was totally way of running, I didn’t have music. You listen to your body differently and it’s good to learn how to run without music, but the dog is pretty good distraction too :).

Today felt like I might get my stride back and that felt so good!

There are few topics that I have been thinking a lot these past days, but I have to write abou them later. I’m too tired now and need to go bed :).





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