And a good one but sundays suck! Somehow I miss my boyfriend on sundays, they are supposed to be spend with your favorite person, they are made for that! 🙂

Well I spend it with watching running documentary about marathon running, called Spirit Of The Marathon. You should watch it if you are interested in running at all. Amazing people, elite runners and everyday heroes. And of course I was crying! It’s impossible not to when you’re watching something like that!

It made me feel scared of marathons and at the same time made me feel that someday it’s something I want and need to do, for myself. But first I need to run some small race, any race, to get that fear of racing away from my system :).

Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day! My Mom is coming to visit me :). We haven’t seen each other since March and I really miss and am excited to see her!

I found out that they made second documentary with the same name! So excited to see it!!

I also read this awesome thing today, that exactly says how I feel about my boyfriend. Love you❤

“When I am with you, there is nowhere else I’d rather be. And I am a person who always wants to be somewhere else.” – David Levithan: How They Met, and Other Stories

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