This last week has been mostly about ” You have to go far to get close”.

I had amazing time with my Mom, just pure happiness. I felt that we needed to go really far to get back together to that place where we understand each other again. I feel that this whole month have been about that same topic, for myself.

This week has been full of different emotions, and new situations. In a way feels pretty overwhelming, but the main feeling is still calm happiness. There was trip to the zoo, to the amazing gardens and lots of well needed talking. Those things that you don’t realize you need so much, before you’re without them for so long! Maybe not the zoo or the garden ;).

I also have been missing my boyfriend a lot, it came to me little bit all of sudden. Maybe because of being with my mom. I got that family feeling back and then my closest family wasn’t there :). I think I also have truly realized how important he is to me. Again, you have to go far to get close. I’ve never had this kind of feeling before about my other half, I’m truly happy that he is able to have all of those experiences that he’s having there on his holiday and I don’t need to miss him or feel lonely here. Of course there have been moments that I’ve felt jealous, but they have been about some awesome nature spots that I’ve seen pictures. I want to feel that beauty too around me, but I know that I will have my time there too, so I don’t need to worry too much. And I’m having my own adventure here :). I feel that I’m going to be better and happier and stronger girlfriend in the end of this month. At least I hope!

I haven’t been running as much as the first weeks, I think walking for about 6-7 hours a day is enough and you need that family time so much. You have to be able to put things in proper order and enjoy the moment. I have time to run as much as I want! I didn’t give up or I’m not a loser if I wanted to spend time with my mom rather than running. I feel better and I have more power inside of me, because of that choice.

I did run couple of times and today I’ll run again. But even more than before, because it’s something that I love, it makes me feel good and proud, makes me feel powerful and so many other things! And I’m starting to see the changes in my body, which makes me feel pretty awesome too! 🙂 And I wore shorts this week, in public!














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