Like A Hulk

You know that feeling when you just smile by yourself and you’re the only one who knows why…
Well this morning when I was walking with my dog, I had one of those moments. Earlier I was talking about my fear of shorts…in this heat I had to cave in.
So I was walking today and all of sudden I started smiling and the reason was:
The shorts that I had on were getting tight from my thighs and super loose from my belly :).
Those shorts are cut from my bf loose jeans and they were really tight last month, especially from my belly.
This was the first moment that I really felt the change in my body! Pretty awesome feeling! 🙂
I guess it’s the same with yourself seeing the changes than someone who is close to you and sees you every day… You just don’t see it. But maybe even I can stop worrying about if my bf notices something or maybe I’ll wait and see :).
I have been waiting some kind of “sign” and now I got it!


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