Tomorrow is the last day of my Project :).

I’m really excited and stoked and terrified all in the same time! I have pretty hefty goal for tomorrow… 16,1km!

If I run that, I get my goal of 300km from the start of this year. That would be so amazing! I’m already extremely happy with how this month has been, and I know that I can run that tomorrow. I think this is something like if I would have a race tomorrow or something, and in someway I have! 🙂

Yesterday I ran so amazing 10k, just pure happiness and joy of running. I did it in my favorite route of little bit trail, little bit road and little bit gravel. Trees on both sides of the road and fields and water. When you have that amazing views, you forget everything and just run and smile.

Today I’ve been taking it easy, now little evening yoga before bed and then good nights sleep :).

Let’s see what happens tomorrow!



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