You know that feeling inside of you, that sometimes quietly says things to you or when it’s too late or you don’t want to listen, screams to you.

I’ve always trusted my gut feeling, usually it has been the right thing to do and listen. Something inside of us knows better, than we do. Maybe not always but if we want to know who we are, it is a voice that all of us should try to learn to listen. But you have to learn which one is the real gut feeling and what is only what you want to hear… There is a difference between those two.

I feel that these days we are not ready to listen to anything, we are in a hurry. In the end, not really to anywhere, but it’s cool to say that you are busy and that you have SOOOO much to do. WHY?! Why is it mark of success to be in a hurry, that is sad as…! We forget to enjoy real things, see people in who they really or more like we don’t want to see or listen how people really are because that is scary. That would mean that the image is not what we wanted to have from that person. When a person has trouble, this world rather pushes it away because it’s kind of ugly. But at the same time there are more and more people struggling with the basics of life and not enough people to want to help them. Let’s just wipe them under the rug and maybe they and those things disappear.

But this kind of behavior makes us, who have had some struggles not trust that easy, even when there is someone who is ready to see and hear all those ugly things. It’s hard to take that help, almost impossible. You feel that you are not worthy, or that it’s just a fluke, that the person just wants to use you someway. The change from not trusting to trusting is hard as fuck, sorry but it is and I know, because I am dealing with that at the moment and it’s part of my journey.

But the reason why it’s so important to learn who you are, and to listen that gut feeling is that, people always think what is best for you, but that doesn’t mean that it is the thing that is best for you. You, in the end have to make the decision and what you feel and think is best for you. That doesn’t mean that that is easy, by any means. Because there are situations when you might have to take huge risk to make yourself happy and not anyone else. It might mean loosing something, but what if it means that you feel stronger and believe that it’s for the better.

In that kind of situation it’s easy to feel helpless, like you are a loser or giving up, like you were and did before, but hey, YOU ARE NEW YOU! And worked hard for that! And yes, this is a note to (my)self too! 🙂

I’m working my way of my old ways, more ways than one. I have my past in super materialism, being super dick head, going so fast that I didn’t even see where I was going at times, putting white lies all over to cover my own stupidity and pure shit. I don’t sound like the nicest person and I sure wasn’t, and the thing that I thought that I’m good, was making myself a victim. But the trouble was that no one believed and I was the only one who I was trying to convince. Surprise, that doesn’t really work. And really fast people get tired of that kind of shit, I would too and I did.

But the thing that I don’t understand is that why are we so scared to really get to know who we really are? Because we are the one who has to live with you, for the rest of your life. So, what does it help to push things that feel like shit away and try to fool yourself to the max, to the point when you yourself believe those lies that you try to feed to others…

My motto this past year has been, ” Less Is More”. Whether it’s stuff, mess in your head, just everything. I’m trying to get rid of things that are in the way of true me and what and where I feel the most peaceful and calm and happy. For me that means getting rid of all of the stuff that I don’t feel and when you start wanting and doing the change in your life, it happens without trying.

While I’m getting rid of things, at the same time my passion and happiness grows with leaps! I might still lust over running stuff every day, it doesn’t mean that you have to be some monk who doesn’t want anything, but in less craziness! Because if I have the newest running shoe or that certain shirt that is cool at the moment, I still don’t feel that much different. But if something makes me being more able to go on with my passion, then more power to me! The main point is that less is just more. I don’t need seven pairs of sneakers, or ten pairs of jeans or what ever. I don’t really need anything else than the love that I have for myself and the people that I feel passionate and love for. And other time I just try my hardest to keep my mind open to everything. I feel richer than ever before with less, that is what is important to me, it proves that I’m going to the right way.

So, learn how to listen your gut and believe in that! I will and I believe in what it says to me!

Gut feeling, let’s do this! 🙂

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