Challenge To Challenge Yourself

So. Tomorrow is the first day of December. I can open my first Christmas calender window. Here in Finland it could get colder, which I like. It also means that I’m about to challenge myself more than before, like really!
Couple weeks ago I decided to challenge one running buddy of mine to run 200km in December, to kick that Christmas ass! Then Couple of days ago I became part of Bangsandabun’s challenge to run 80 miles in December. And, on top of that I wanted to take part in running every single day of December!
Some say this determination, some craziness… Not sure which it is but I’m ready! 🙂
The hardest thing for me is going to be to remember to eat enough… That sounds ridiculous but I am just completely able to not eat enough. And this has nothing to do with vanity or wanting to be thin or some poop like that, nononoooo!! So, one challenge is to eat and it shouldn’t be a problem in December I hope haha! 😀
So, keep your fingers crossed for me and wish me luck!


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