Half Marathon Training Weeks 2&3

Two weeks, two runs, one week of flu, low points more than highs, wondering, understanding, learning, missing, being mad at myself, starting from the bottom.

My training has not been going at all like I originally planned, but even though it’s super hard for me to admit, it’s only a good thing. I was so ambitious in my running and how much I could push myself that it backfired super bad, with leaving me sad with a shin injury, and making it even harder was the fact that I didn’t want to admit to myself that I am really injured and I need to rest and calm down. That I don’t need to be like someone in the social media that haunts me, when I really should be only thinking and competing with myself.

I knew already in December that I should calm down and not push as hard as I did, but I was blind in my ambition, that happens but you will always pay for it. In this case in a way that I also feared the most.

So what can I do now… First, breath out the negativity and breath in the positivity, like my amazing yoga teacher friend said when I was on her class. That was and is all I can do.

Plans don’t always go all the way like we plan them, but that’s the name of the game. Your body is the smartest here, and if we go too fast it will stop us, one way or another. In my case I woke up with a flu that made me stop and rest. For some reason I still try to over smart my body, but it will always remind me that don’t, you will lose this battle…

I still have 9 weeks before the Half, now I wish that my actions in that time will be smarter than before and that my injury gets better with rest and recovery training, with no running in the beginning. My goal at the moment is to be able to run that race, but have the thought of not being able to do that there too and try to be okay with it. I’m far from being okay with it, I might cry, or I will cry, but at the moment I try to be as positive I can and train to be better and stronger and get my legs good to run again.

The truth is that it’s only one race in my running journey, but at the moment it’s the biggest and most important because it’s the first. It’s not only a race, it’s so much more.

So, at the moment my plan is to “Breath out the negativity and breath in the POSITIVITY!” and also, “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, REALLY!”.

I’ll go with those now.

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