Almost 3 weeks of not training…

First you notice it in your head, you basically start going insane. You know how there is this saying ” running keeps me sane”, I know too well how that feels. If like me, you are out because of flu, it makes it even harder, because being sick just sucks! But on top of those first days of admitting yourself the injury, sucks big time. Yes, cry me a river!

The point of this post is more the fact that how fast you start feeling the changes in your body of not working out.

First week was okay, nothing special, other than being stiff. But then by the second week I started noticing that my joints were hurting, not from the flu, but just from doing nothing. Going out with the dog and walking the stairs up just felt awful, like I haven’t done anything, ever.

But by this week, the third, I felt it worst. Three days of full on migraine, almost four.

I’ve been dealing migraine from really young, but the last year I’ve gradually had less and less of the days. I noticed it now when I was dealing with one again. When I’m working my body someway, it gives me good feeling back, that we all know. But for me it also keeps away those days when I feel like my head is about to explode. I’ve always had problems with my back and neck area, but since I started running it has slowly getting better and better. So I miss running even more now…

I’ve also been injured many times before in my life, but this time I actually have something to look for to get myself better. Before I knew what I needed to do, but rarely did them more than few times. It’s super easy to be like that to yourself, the only one that suffers is you. I’ve always good at being at at myself, to change that habit is hard and I really notice it now when I should be doing something to get better and I just don’t have any motivation what so ever. Well, that sucks!

Going back to old habits is super easy, maintaining the new good ones is even harder. For me, this is a moment to show myself that I can change my old ways, to see if this old dog learns new tricks. Fingers crossed!

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