I decided that until I can actually train again, I stop doing these updates. I keep posting but not about this so much.

Last week I did couple of short strength training sessions and they felt hard, I could really see how my body is slowly getting into some hibernation mode. I did also do some massive dancing on saturday at my friends party, that felt amazing, winded haha, but amazing. Was so nice to just dance your little heart out and sing as loud as you can, really go full :). Though I’m not sure how my injured leg felt about it, it hurt little on sunday… But I decided that the having fun and enjoying myself was more than worth it!

My body is not where I wish it would be, but I think I have been wanting an lesson in patience, my old friend that I still don’t want to welcome in my life… So, patience it is then.

This song doesn’t have anything to do with the post, except that it’s amazing!! đŸ™‚

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