Dear Diary…

I got sick last friday, AGAIN, and this time for real. It felt like the time before this, which basically means the last month, I was punished by not resting enough and really calming down.

So now I really had to respect my body, like really really, respect my body. I might it my case before to “Listen To My Body” and I guess I didn’t. I have been too busy to be bored, waiting to get better, thinking about what I need and want to do, worrying about not having enough time to train and this and that… I realized that that is not the best way to get better.

So the last days I have been just resting and actually staying in bed, which is, yes, boring but very needed now.

Can someone say why it’s so hard to calm down and really rest?!

Also why do I keep feeling guilty of needing rest and getting better. I have all these things in my head that I keep repeating and I feel more and more guilty of not being able to do them… This is useless so my training with patience keeps challenging me.

I just really wish to be healthy again, being able to run and do all those things that I think now and see my friends. Soon, patience Mirka, patience! 

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