Face Your Fears

Last week was huge to me, I faced quite few of my biggest fears.

We all have different kind of fears, for others yours can sound ridiculous but they aren’t, they are big for you.

I did face mine. I met a new friend, which is super hard for me. It went really well and I’m blessed to have her as my friend. I said things that are extremely hard for me to a person that I love so much and it went well and I felt free and strong. And I faced my fear of running with a new friend that I didn’t know before, and it went well and I felt happy, blessed and sweaty afterwards, but want to only thank you! 🙂

I’m not good at facing my fears, but I’m able to jump to the unknown sometimes without thinking about it at all… For example, I’m terrified to go and meet someone new, but I’m able to move to a another country without thinking it more than 15minutes… That doesn’t really make any sense but that’s how it goes.

Fears can come from where ever, it can be a bad experience, childhood memory, too many missed opportunities, a depression that doesn’t let you go.

But I am strong and sometimes we need reminder how amazing we are. I have few people in this world that do exactly that to me, and with their help I remembered that Damn, I’m amazing and I can do what ever I put my heart to!

In a really short period of time my life has taken a new direction, with strong heart and new voice inside that says that I rock! Because I do and so does all of us, in our own way!

It’s okay to be afraid, but don’t let it freeze you, like it did me for really long time.


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