I’m learning slowly but very surely to Treat Myself, with things that I didn’t think that could be part of that saying. Every good deed I do to myself, is Treat.Yo.Self. moment. It doesn’t have to mean that I get something, material, but giving myself amazing moments where I can feel good about myself.

I have been trying to “fool” myself with not needing to do strength training, but finally understood to kick that fooling away. There is something about strength training that is way harder than running. It kicks your ass, literally. You might think that you are in good shape and then you do a 15 minute workout and feel like you are going to die… It’s different kind of pushing. I feel that running is mostly in your head, but when you push yourself in a workout. the pain is different but oh so rewarding.

I also have tried to think positive, like all the time. So that I could see if it really works, it does :). Especially when you really don’t want to. Like one day last week, it looked “sad” outside because it wasn’t sunny, but I decided that there’s nothing wrong with that day and went on with happy mind.

Of course there are moments and days when you don’t want to be happy, but that’s totally okay too. But when I’m positive I get more things done, having new opportunities, meeting new people and just feeling better and healthier. That age old monster called depression is slowly sliding further, which I love. I won’t miss it, for sure. But I don’t expect it to just disappear, it will still be part of me, just in the background looking at how well I’m doing without it!

SO, I’m finding new ways to be happy and feel better, being able to live with what I have without feeling too weak with it. I would say that that is good way to start my 30’s!! Yes, it’s my birthday this sunday and I have decided to celebrate it with a long run, because on my birthday you can do what ever you want, boom!

I’m not there yet but I’m so far from where I started! And so freaking proud of myself!!

It’s also, btw, less than 2 weeks to my first race!! Berlin Half I’m coming for you!! I might not be making any new personal records, but I will damn sure enjoy my heart out and go on with some sexy pace!


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