What To Do…

Yes, what to do when you hear a news about very personal tragedy?! But you are far from it and can’t do anything.

I had this nice blog post idea that I wanted to write today and then in the morning heard something that shook me completely and that idea just seems stupid now.

There are moments in our life when something happens that we don’t expect because it’s something that we don’t want to hear. But things like that happen whether we want or not. Someone gets sick in a way that you start fearing of death, someone gets in to a bad accident, what ever.

The thing what makes it feel like shit, is that I can’t do anything and that makes me feel so so helpless. I wish that I could just snap my fingers and the whole nasty thing would be gone and all would be okay again. But I can’t and that makes me mad!

I know that life isn’t going to just go on and nothing bad will ever happen, but if it happens to someone who is more important than anything, it just punches the air out of you.

You start to cry and then in the middle of that realize that that doesn’t really help either. So the options are to keep crying or be strong for the other person.

I chose to cry first and then “keep my head up and keep my heart strong” because that’s all I can do now.

I have and will pray and send all the positiveness and still be strong. Because I know that giving up is the worst thing I could do and the person would be a bit disappointed about that too… So, I want to stay strong and positive.

I love you, you are in my heart and I will rather think about everything good than what if.

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