Speed Mania

There is a mania sweeping this running community that I know. It’s called Speed!

People are going insane trying to get new and faster PB’s all the time. After races the first thing is to ask that what time someone got. Pushing yourself to the max is the new cool thing and if you don’t get the goal time you were aiming, everything is wrong?!

To be honest I think this is ridiculous. Because it takes away from the original reason why many of us start running in the first place. Also it looks like some people forget the happiness and just aim to get faster.

The truth is that we can’t all be super fast, and that is totally okay. We slower ones make the faster ones look good ;).

I don’t know what started this mania, but I think we need to take it back a notch, it’s not necessary. The thing is that if we keep going this way, there will be more injured people, people who feel like they aren’t good enough because they can’t run this and this time. And it also takes the happiness away from the sport that we all love!

And I hope you don’t get me wrong either, I have huge respect for people who wants to push them selves and have goals and want to get faster. But I think most of us just want to run without huge pressure all the time.

There are so many who start to run because of some personal struggle, like me and my depression. That also means that many of us aren’t strong enough to be in front of this speed pressure. Because it makes us feel like we aren’t good enough and our own work feels like we aren’t doing enough, so we start racking up kilometers like crazy and adding this and that. Or in the worst possible scenario, stop running because it doesn’t feel nice at all anymore.

The point is, we all have our own reasons why we run. We should also respect each other and the fact that we aren’t same in our goals. We will all reach the finish line in our own pace and that is so okay! And if I’m slower or faster than someone, it still doesn’t mean that I’m worse or better than them.

For me we all work super hard and we finish those races with same love, or we should! So let’s not put the time first and then ask how are you. Let’s ask first, how are you feeling and how awesome it is that we are here together enjoying this race!

So. Peace & Love.

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