Marathon Update

Only couple of weeks and my marathon training begins! Super excited!

As I wrote before, I chose to use Hal Higdons plan and because I am in a way old school, I wanted to do my training plan in a notebook. So I got this nice notebook and took one spread for everyday. And for everyday there is what I need to do and I have room to write how I felt, how was the run, what I ate, what shoes I wore, just room to keep track of my training. And if there’s anything else I want to write.

Before my training starts I get to go home to Finland and basically hug my whole family for two weeks :). Stoked!

Berlin Marathon here I come!!

Also, because I have this bad habit on my long runs, which is I always drink too little. So because I knew that, I knew that a bottle is not enough on those future long runs and I started searching for a hydration vest, which was easier than I thought because I already knew a little what I wanted and I had some tips from other girls.

So I got this Nathan Torchlight Intensity vest, which is 3M material so I will be well seen and has 2L bladder and it fits super good on me. Can’t wait for those long runs and be able to test this bad girl! And it has pink on it, which is a bonus :).

Here’s link to that plan that I am using:

Also, if you are interested about great inspiring and motivating listen, have a check of this podcast with Robin Arzon:

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