Radio silence is off now. Back from amazing  time back home in Finland.

Two weeks filled with huge amounts of love, lot of good workouts, enjoyment, friends, family, MY LITTLE SISTER!!

Before I went to Finland this time, I have always had this thing that one day if I have kids I want to move back to Tampere, my old home town. The thing is that I have lived somewhere else for 14 years, so my memories are smeared with gold, and maybe little far from reality. Or that’s what I realized when I was there almost half of my time.

One day I wanted to go to the city and just walk around and see all my childhood places. First thing, in my head all the places was obviously big and the distances between them too… The reality was so weird. The city isn’t that big and my memories were maybe even crushed, but not all in bad way. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to realize that you’re not anymore who you thought you are and that you have bigger hunger for pretty much everything that we have in our lives. It was really nice to see in myself. I wasn’t sad, more happy to be able to see that, but at the same time be able to enjoy everything around me and have my memories.

I felt that I am in such a different place with myself, that I was able to look around and just full heartedly enjoy everything. That’s an awesome feeling, and I can recommend it! 🙂

I also finally got my much needed motivation for working out and running back. That’s extremely good, because tomorrow will be the first day of my Berlin Marathon Training!! Biggest thanks for getting my mojo back, goes to my amazing Little Sis, love you!! 🙂

New doors open, new adventures coming, can you wish for a better holiday?! Just so super blessed to have my family and friends in Finland, and feel your support and love!


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