Marathon Training week 2

Second week of training behind, ups and downs, mostly just insane sweating.

I’m little low on motivation for some reason. I like the plan, so I feel guilty if I want to be all lazy, that gives me a bit of a push. And this summer heat that we have here at the moment isn’t helping either, I’m not good with super summer heat. Maybe I’m more of a Northerner than I thought ;).

I’ve been lacking on stretching and strength training and without no good reason. Which has made my knees feel all stiff, so… Got to get my shit together!

Only two weeks and then I travel to London for Hackney Half, mostly just super excited to see my friends, old and new! I think Crewlove is what I need to get my head in this game properly again.

But I did all my planned runs this week which is a step to the right direction.

The plan is easy, mondays and fridays are rest days, and sundays are for cross training. So I only tell here about the run days.

Tuesday – 3miles/4,82km planned, 5,10km done. I try to take my dog with me on these shorter runs, as he loves to run with me. The weather is getting hotter and hotter here, which means that it’s hard to run with a dog, it’s hard for me too… On a normal day, it takes us about half an hour to run a 5K, but this time it took about 3 hours :D. It was more of a nice stroll with running sprinkled in between. Nice one too.

Wednesday – 5miles/8km planned, 8,06km done. Really nice run, felt strong and could keep going without feeling tired, which I have been having problems lately.

Thursday – 3miles/4,82km planned, 5km done. Morning run with the doggy, straight from bed to road.

Sunday (usually the long run of the week is on saturday) – 9miles/14,48km planned, 16,4km done. Okay, so where to begin… The weather was insanely hot and I left for my run way too late as in the hottest time of the day, well planned that one. On my good luck the day was perfect for trying my hydration vest, which basically saved me. Like I said, I’m not good with hot weather and for some reason I got really overheated and felt really dead super fast, bummer really. I also managed to get totally lost, just after I decided to run a shorter route than was planned. Which ended up me walking a lot. I finally found my way, with huge shafing spots in my inner thighs :D. Lesson learned, run early in the morning or late in the evening and don’t try new routes on a day like this :D.So Hackney Half is getting closer and I got my race pack in the mail, so let’s get that motivation back and keep pushing on!

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