So, What Is Happening…

Exactly a week ago I wrote about my decision of changing scenery. Little did I know that the next day my life would change completely!

This is where those connections and contacts that I have been making come to part. I knew that I have amazing friends and people around the world that I know, but I never thought that they could in a way, save my life.

With a simple question, I ended up having a place in Copenhagen, Denmark to move in and start my life there with a adopt family :). In one day all of my fears were gone! I felt that I am the most loved person in the world! It felt and still very much feels amazing.

So… Copenhagen it is!

NBRO, my future running family. And just to make it clear, I will always be a StillWater first!

NBRO, my future running family. And just to make it clear, I will always be a StillWater first!


I didn’t plan it, but it happened and I am really happy about it. Finally I will get my sea and seagulls again, I feel that my life has so much in store for me that I have no idea of, and I’m quite happy about that. I didn’t know that all would change this fast, as at the moment I only have less than two weeks left in Hannover and then I’m off! But I feel that this is exactly the right way for things to go for me. Why wait more, when there’s nothing to wait for…

And the amount of support, WOW! I feel so so loved, liked. Something that I haven’t really ever felt before like this. Thank You!

But this also brings completely different feelings than my last move.

Now I’m packing my life in couple of suitcases like before, but it feels different. Somehow more definite. I have been trying so much to like Germany, and now I have just admitted that I really don’t. It’s not my place in any way and I am finally okay with that. I am sure that people who know me, have known way longer than me how I feel about this place. It just took me quite long to admit that to myself. I feel that I don’t want to even try to explain my feelings now, because I need the space between this and my new life to see things more clearly.

There’s also this calmness about this all this time. I may have more to lose but I also have this peace inside of me, that I am doing the exact right thing, for MYSELF. I suck at thinking myself like this, so this is huge, and I am really proud of myself. I always knew that I have this inside of me, it just took quite long to get out :).

I have no idea what is going to happen in my life but this time I am more excited than scared. I talk about universe, and what universe has in store for me, with some of my close friends. And once I let myself be open to that, things started happening. So may it be your gut feeling, the universe or what ever you feel most comfortable, listen to it and follow your dreams. I am :).

Sea and the seagulls. Reminder of better times ahead from my adopting sister!

Sea and the seagulls. Reminder of better times ahead from my adopting sister!


2 thoughts on “So, What Is Happening…

  1. As I already wrote on Instagram: I am so happy for you and it feels good to read all of it. It is always important to listen to yourself. But its hard to find the right way out of your problems or circumstances. I am in compareable situation. Quit my job, want to go travelling but on the same side I want to keep working in my job. But this job exhausted me so badly in the past two years. I need a break. I have some weeks left untill my final day at work and to think about what will come next. But I know: Change is always good. It brings you closer to yourself. And this is more important than anything else. Don’t get lost! And what you do right now is complety good if it feels right. Its great that you have the courage to move on! Even you don’t want to hear this (and I know this feeling when everybody else talks about beeing brave) be proud of yourself.
    I keep my fingers crossed for you!

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