Goals 2015

IMG_5061Yeah, I know it’s been really, really long since my last post.

Not an excuse, but my life has been a bit full of stuff and I just didn’t have the energy to write, even though I knew that it will make me feel a lot better. But I am still here! πŸ™‚

I actually have this huge to do list of post to write on here, but I decided to start from this. It’s been bubbling in my mind since the Copenhagen Half and now that I have started to do things to make this all work, I thought that it’s time!IMG_5042SO.

When I was still in Copenhagen I got the chance to go and run trails, something that I have been dreaming to do since I started running. I knew really early on that there is something in trailrunning that would be my thing. And once I was running with a dear friend in a beautiful forest, I knew. I was in my happyplace. I could breath, I could just be free and enjoy and love. It was like this huge door opened and I knew that I will be okay.

Actually on the day when I knew that I will move to Copenhagen, I signed for my first trail Ultra. So before that happyplace run I already knew that this will be my thing. It’s going to be in Denmark, on an island called Bornholm. It’s called Fyr til Fyr, which means and will be from one lighthouse to another next to the sea, so hey I am in heaven with my love for the sea and seagulls :).IMG_5058Now that I am back home in Finland, I only run or I try to run only in a forest which we have here where I live a lot. It makes me feel so much better with everything I have going in my life. I feel free, calm, in peace, so happy and just challenged. Challenged in a way that I haven’t ever been before. The truth is that I have always been a bit afraid of forests, even though I spent a lot of time in them when I was a kid, but I was never alone and I didn’t have THIS high flying imagination ;).

But I love the challenge of embracing the nature and yourself and your fears. If you have imagination like mine, it will be a challenge. All the cracks and swooshes and this and that and realising that some of the noises come from your clothes. And from having a friend that feeds your imagination (you know who you are πŸ˜‰ )…

In the beginning of my journey but I know that it will be great!IMG_4980Yesterday, first of October, I started another challenge, called #everyday30days. It’s a challenge started by an amazing runner in Hong Kong and then passed on to second runner in New York, from there to another amazing runner in New York, then to Toronto and to my friend in Singapore. He then asked me that would I be interested to take the torch next and with everything that has been going on I was honored and really happy to challenge myself a bit more :). So if you are interested in this journey, check that hashtag in Instagram.IMG_5038SO AGAIN.

Here’s “Goals2015”.

I have a goal of running three, yes three, trail Ultras next year! Maybe more, as now I found some in Finland that I would love to do too haha! πŸ˜€

I started thinking about what to do to be ready physically and mentally for this challenge. I have a routine going “slow and strong” forward and I will tell you more about that soon. But now you all know about my goals, just my little dreams that everyone probably has, don’t they?! πŸ™‚

I have been working so hard for my own happiness for the past two years that I am courageous enough to make this big plans for my future. I know inside of myself that I can do this. I have it in me. Now harder work begins than ever before, but I feel ready!IMG_4947This is my #UNDOORDINARY


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