All The Feels

All the feels, yes… ALL. THE. FEELS!

When you wake up with a huge migraine with nausea and weirdly feeling hungry, it’s not the best way to start your Monday.

And on top of that all the bloody feelings come down at the same time. Winning!
After my Grandma passed away my life has been in such a change that I still have no idea what is going on at times.
Mostly things have been more than good, maybe that’s the overwhelming part. When you’re riding on that positive adreline, you don’t feel like you need to be sad or have time to calm down snd really feeling what’s tucked under it all.

Well, today that all came out from my eyeballs… All the pain and sadness of losing my Grandma, the hurt of not being with the person I love the most. Missing my people like crazy!
Just sobbing and letting it all come out. I needed that, I still need more of that.

Thanks to one of my dearest friends, I got to talk about how I’m feeling and got out all those things that I needed and the okay to let myself be all weak with sadness. Thank you, you know who you are! ❤️
It’s not too easy to be that weak, and I have no problem to cry. But the last months have been needing me more in this “be strong” mode. And when I’ve taken it easy, I’ve been so tired that I haven’t even had any energy to cry.

Now I know that I need to cry more, I just have to get all that out of my system.

So, remember that it’s okay to be weak. I need to practise that more, obviously.


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