Treat Yo Self Week

IMG_6159A week of peace, silence, snow and beauty. That was this past week for me. Pure Treat Yo Self week!

For Christmas my family and me traveled up to the North of Finland, in Ruka. I was really waiting for this week, as this year and especially fall has been such an mixture of ups and downs with such speed that wow! I needed place from normal to breath and gather myself a bit.IMG_6042

It’s been that but I also realized that I need a lot more time to gather myself and take more me time in the future. May it be running, writing, or just not doing anything, but I really need to take that time. To be able to take those busy moments and days that this world brings us.IMG_6167

I’ve also realized how important being alone is to me. Here, you are in a cottage, big or small, with few people. And wanting or not, there’s pretty much always someone close to you and not that much time totally alone. And that is what I need more.IMG_6161

But this week has been amazing. The scenery is just insanely beautiful. It really has made me grateful for all I have in my life and that I’m able to be in a place like this. Soak all the beauty in, for those rainy days.

I got to do all that I wanted. Running, snowshoeing, writing, reading and being with the ones I love. And I think I will let the photos do the talking now :).IMG_6134

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