Shitty Days

IMG_6443Today was a Shitty Day.

Woke up with a massive headache, felt just in general down and sad. Little anger and frustration thrown in. A perfect start to my day I would say…

The thing is, that I am bad at letting myself have a shitty day these days. I feel straight away guilty, of something. Which is stupid on all levels possible. Because sometimes we just feel down and mad and sad and angry and frustrated, that’s it. And that’s totally okay. But in my head it seems to be either or…

It’s been such a push and work to get my general mindset more to positive that I think I don’t have the balance yet for both. And also, I haven’t felt this pissed off in a long time. Maybe I was just caught of guard.

I’m so insanely proud of myself that I got so mad that I just stormed to the gym and kicked my own ass with super good and hard workout. Haven’t happened before, so I’m pretty stoked about this! I was blasting music and really getting in that angry mode when you just have a stank face on and you push yourself, that one more!

This song pretty much was my motivator today.

The thing is, that I need to realize that it’s totally okay to feel pissed off at times, it cleans us. It makes us talk about things that have been bottling up and even though they are hard to say, it’s needed from time to time. But be prepared to feel extra exhausted after this all, that’s pretty much what’s going on here. All levels off exhaustion, little crying in the middle. This all is needed! Remember that it’s needed and okay!! And just like guilt is a great motivator, so is anger. And today that made me push myself way harder at the gym I knew that I could. BOOM!

Little Bad Girlism to get you in the stank face mood! šŸ˜‰

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