Suffer Better

Last weekend I had a plan to run a long run. That was my goal.

My training has started really well, I’ve gotten into this rhythm of being more on my feet. So last week I ran three days in a row for 10km a day. And that plan of running around 30km long run on that weekend.

The weather didn’t really make me feel enthusiastic about being out and about for three to four hours. Saturday was just super stormy and icy, so I took it as a proper rest day, which was needed too. So my only change was to run on Sunday.

I woke up on Sunday to the notion that it will be a hard one. It was snowing or more like snowsleetandrain together. It was super wet and mushy. Yei…

But then I thought to myself that this is exactly what I need, I need to go out and suffer in a good way. Because I have no idea what the weather is on April during my first Ultra, it can be anything, so it’s better to go out and push through.

So off I went. The first 7km was just rough, then I stopped and reminded myself that this is my decision, no one is making me run in a sleet rain. This is part of making my dreams come true, so suck it up and keep going! And I went all the way to 27km. Really proud of that, in sleet and all :).

Making dreams like mine come true, is not supposed to be easy, I didn’t choose a sport that makes everything always easy. I chose the one thing, I know, that makes you peel yourself open like an onion and that stuff is not easy but it’s worth it!

Suffer better. PMA ❤IMG_6604


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