Living, Not Training

Why is it always, I’m training for something, not I’m living the life where I’m able to run races or play this or whatever. Why training?

This came to my mind today on my run. The word training somehow makes the task sound so much bigger and harder. At least for me. And it also makes the whole thing feel a bit more of a task that I have to do, not so much I get to do.

So I decided that my approach from now on is that I am Ultra living, not in Ultra training.

Because I’m not just going to stop this after my first race. I want this all to be part of who I am, like it’s becoming to be. I enjoy myself to the max on my long runs, but I’m not doing them only to be ready for my race, I’m doing them mostly because they make me the happiest. This is part of who I am, not only something for some period of my life. It’s a constant evolving me, struggles and all!

The thing is, that when I dropped the word training from my mind, the pressure got a lot easier. It’s not that I have to do anything, it’s because I get to do something I love. Too often I read how people talk about runs that they really don’t want to do during their training for a marathon or something similar. I think we should change our mindset about it all. And remind ourselves that we chose to do this because we love this shit and how hard it makes our life at times but shows how much we love it at the same time.

So, less pressure of nonsense and more smiles from the stuff that we love, even when it’s hard!

#ultralivingnottraining 🙂



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