Casual Sunday Marathon

Yeah, exactly that!

I went and ran my first marathon today. I just decided on Friday that yes that’s what I’ll do. The weather was insane, just so much sun and beauty all around me. I don’t care how tough week I’ve had, this run and that sun gave me everything!

I’m pretty stoked that I felt all the way to around 25km like I haven’t already run that much, my legs felt great. Progress I guess…

Now I know that I will be okay running my first Ultra in less than two months. I will keep repeating that same mantra I had in my mind today. I will be okay, I am so proud of you, You got this!

And of course it hurt haha, running that much does make your legs hurt when they aren’t used to it that much, but now after few hours I feel great. So no worries here, I will be okay. Good nights sleep and on to a new day!

The amount of stuff you think on a run like this is pretty amazing, I don’t remember half of them now, but it did clear my head and kind of make you feel like the biggest winner ever!

I’m so proud of myself and I know that I will be okay.



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