BOOBIES! #CheckYourChebs

A good friend of mine, Bangs, wrote an super important piece about boobies. Yes, boobs! Click the link below and have a read. And I have to thank Alice, who wrote to Bangs about her journey with breast cancer, Lady You ROCK!!


Ladies, we need to check our boobs monthly, because early detection is the key. Checking them takes a tiny moment and you will know if there’s some changes if you do it regularly.

I do it monthly, because when I was 16-17 I found a lump in my right boob, and was of course sure that it’s cancer and that I will die now. Long story short, I had it biopsied and it ended up being a “good kind” but I ended up having it removed and have a little scar on my boob now to remind myself of the importance of checking them.

So, please check your boobies and have a calm mind, or if you find something, have it checked straight away, do not wait and expect it to disappear. But also, remember that during and before your periods, it’s normal for your boobs to feel a bit different than in between.

image1 (11)


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