29 Days Of Gratitude – Day 16

img_3567Oh today, you surrounded me with your beauty and all that sunshine and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

Some days are just simply amazing, there are normality and maybe some negative stuff in them, but they end up making you still feel good. You’re able to smile with the simplest things that could make you smile, that is best.

Now that my mind has realized again that it’s so much easier to be positive, keep that positive mindset, my days are just easier. I am happier and feel more open to goodness.

Things that I am grateful today: sunshine, you’ve been missed. Running after all of my health issues. Talking with friends and laughing with them. Being able to send some hugs through the web to a friend who needed them. Being able to hear from another friend after a long time. Dancing and vibing to various songs in public, which obviously isn’t “allowed” haha. Being with my family and share my day with them. Sauna.

Tomorrow will be great!


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