29 Days Of Gratitude – Days 19 To 28

img_3800Days just fly by and so much has happened. Apologies for not writing anything, life took over and my energy levels weren’t as high as I hoped all days, or then I just decided to live my life without writing anything. Both good reasons for me. 🙂

To sum up these days.

Something that I did start embracing earlier already, the confusion that life throws at you at times. Or some times more than you would wish for. I think it’s something that is good to take in and just try to go with the flow. We can never really know what will happen or control everything, which is good, so it’s better to just trust your journey and keep pushing on.

I think for me, trusting this journey of mine has been a bit harder lately. Even though I know and I have this certainty in me that all will be okay and that all my dreams and goals are moving forward. But still, embracing the uncertainty is not the easiest. Working progress for sure.

I’ve also really understood how important having the right kind of people around you is. I’ve learned it day by day the past couple of years, but it goes on with little extra pushes at times. And I’ve had the best moments lately, reminding me of just that.

Patience, that’s becoming my friend more and more. I’m learning and I’m not and will never be great at it, which is okay. But I’m getting better at it. It’s part of this trusting my journey thing. Without patience I will not make the right decisions or let myself really be me without rushing.

I’m so loved up and proud of the people I’m able to push forward and support. A great friend just went and won the Finnish Eurovision and she is going to be competing in Stockholm in May!! I could not have been any prouder of Sandhja for being exactly who she is and killing it all with so much love and character!! My voice might be far from normal now and legs tired from all that dancing and singing, but yesterday was amazing. Watching her from few meters, doing her thing to the fullest!! Support your friends, that’s what it’s all about! ❤

I kind of love the challenge life is giving me, it makes me follow my dreams braver than I’ve done before. It makes me take risks that I know in me that I will only reap so much benefit and memories and experience. It’s not easy always, thank goodness it’s not. I get to live my life with the best people, loving pretty much every moment of it and getting to support my friends as much as I can while doing this all! How great is that!!

Let’s love this all, it’s not going to last forever. LOVELOVELOVE. And be appreciative of what you have. Remember that good attitude of gratitude and love some more. ❤ PMA

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