By Anni Vaara

By Anni Vaara

Who am I and what is this blog about?

I am Mirka Markkula, originally from Finland, now living back in Finland, after jumping from Germany to Denmark to Finland to Denmark. I am a runner, freelance writer, founder of KARMA runners in Helsinki, Finland and all around creative.

I started this blog to write about my own journey, from drowning depression with unhealthy lifestyle to happier, more balanced and healthier young woman. For the first time in my life I wanted to change something and not just give up. That was almost four years ago. The person I am now… is a forever working progress but I am proud of myself! My journey started with seeing this documentary, Hungry For Change. And something in it hit me really hard and made me want to choose the hard way to a better me. It made me change my eating habits to healthier.

image4 (1)

But running was the thing that saved my life, without running I wouldn’t be here. It made me fall in love with myself.

Copenhagen Marathon, cheering like no other! Photo Sofie Riisgaard

Copenhagen Marathon, cheering like no other! Photo Sofie Riisgaard

And you can find my writings from Pavement Bound and Dirtbag Runners websites. Also my piece “Sabotage” in Like The Wind magazines issue #5. Links in “I write” page.

Thank you for visiting my blog, hope to have you here again!


Instagram @thislittlebirddecidedtofly

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