POWERSONG: Sia – Elastic Heart

I’m definitely late on getting to know Sia, but oh my how she has given me all the feels with this song! All!!

Just read these lyrics, YES!


and another one bites the dust
oh why can I not conquer love
and i might have thought that we were one
wanted to fight this war without weapons

and i wanted it i wanted it bad
but there were so many red flags
now another one bites the dust
yeah let’s be clear i’ll trust no one

you did not break me
i’m still fighting for peace

i’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart, but your blade it might be too sharp
i’m like a rubberband  until you pull too hard, i may snap and i move fast
but you won’t see me fall apart
cos i’ve got an elastic heart

and i will stay up through the night
let’s be clear won’t close my eyes
and i know that i can survive
i’ll walk through fire to save my life

and i want it i want my life so bad
i’m doing everything i can
then another one bites the dust
it’s hard to lose a chosen one

you did not break me
i’m still fighting for peace


Western Time – movie about Sally McRae’s journey at Western States 100

Still from Western Time with Sally McRae

Still from Western Time with Sally McRae

I found Sally McRae some time, maybe little over six months ago, from Instagram. And since then my appreciation for her has just grown every step!

This was the first video that I saw about her running Western States 100 this year, I did hear a podcast with her talking about it couple months earlier, which just made me tear up and smile like a idiot from just pure respect.

The thing about Sally is that she makes me believe in myself, to a whole new level of believing. She is this kind of silent killer, though with a great loud laughter! It was really funny to hear that her laughter is one of the characters that her friends know her for, you hear her laughing before even seeing her… Something I have heard about myself too hahah :D.

I admire who ever is her kind, silent workhorse, something I am working towards with myself.

It was also really inspiring to hear that she has gone through her own personal struggles with the help of running. The way she spoke on the film, made me cry because my journey is so similar, I could relate on so many levels. I have come to the conclusion that quite many runners have gone through something big in their personal life, usually ultra runners even more. Maybe because when you are in a dark and deep hole and not sure how to get up, and then you find something like running that really shows you how you can rise again.

Sally to me is also an epitome of PMA, she shines it through all her cells. Even through hard times she keeps believing, that makes me push myself in believing even when it’s hard.

One thing I really want to bring out, is that she is insanely beautiful in this muscular strong way. For myself that means so much, as when I train more my muscles like to grow and become visible. This doesn’t mean that I don’t respect ladies who run ultras and are slim, no no, but it’s so nice to see someone who is really strong in a visible way and similar to me. Sometimes we all need people to look up to and Sally is definitely that to me!

Billy Yang who made this movie, did justice in all areas that I could wish. He really showed the whole journey of Sally from early age to Western States 100. I love how simple things can make everything so much more beautiful. Less is definitely more.

And the beauty of friendship, this movie really shows that. And these days I know so well how important it is to have good people around you, that believe in you even when you maybe don’t.

Gratitude. Love for what you do. Going through pain because of that love. Friendship. Hard work. Appreciation. Beauty in strength. PMA. ❤

Dedication with Sallys Mom end of the movie.

Dedication with Sallys Mom end of the movie.