Challenge Yourself With Adventrunning!

IMG_2154It’s that time again! Time to challenge yourself with Adventrunning!

Idea of it is easy, to run minimum 30 minutes a day, everyday from the 1st to the 25th of December. So 25 days of running.

I’ve done it couple of times, first year I did the whole month, last year I managed to get super well flued in so had to stop in the middle but this year with all the work I have going on I want to challenge myself to be able to get that spark back in my running. They say that you need 21 days to make a habit so I’m trying to kick my old habit back to gear with this :).

Check out Adventrunning‘s site for more info and if you live in London or close there, there’s so many amazing events organized by the amazing people Claudia and James who are behind this all!

Share your runs with hashtags #adventrunning #25in25 and #runforsprouts


December Full of Challenges

IMG_5753As the year is almost over, there’s one month that gives you the opportunity to get all active and stuff :).

A year ago I was part of two different, or three challenges. One that was about running one mile or more everyday of December, second was about running 80 miles in December and the last one was with a friend, and it was about running 200km in December. I did all of them, with a injury so bad in the end that I couldn’t run for the first two months of 2014…

So this year I have pretty different approach to my challenges, yes three again! I’m all about Slow and Strong. I have so important things in 2015 ahead of me that I have no time for bullshit greedy “I need to run more and more and more” injuries. Yep, that’s how I did last years challenges. I was greedy in getting all the distance at once, not stretching or doing anything else. And the funny thing that I had way more time last year, as I wasn’t working at the time and not really doing anything else than only running and living my life. Now I have a job, projects, writing to two different blogs/sites, planning next years training and life in general. And now I have totally different mindset.

Though all in all I am completely different person than I was a year ago, and that’s the greatest thing! 🙂

So this December I am embarking these three challenges!

– Adventrunning, which is started by two of my friends, Claudia Schroegel and James Poole from UK. Super proud to be part of this! It’s about running for 30min or more from the first to the 25th of December. And 30min because that’s different for all runners. So no pressure of distance or speed, just 30min of running.

Check their website

They have a FB group where you can join and get so much motivation from runners all over the world!

– #80MileMonth by my amazing friend Bangs!! Basically the idea is to run 80 miles in the month of December, that’s it, simple and lovely. You can check her amazing blog and the challenge from

– #3for31 is started by Mishka Shubaly from NY and it’s about running 3miles everyday of December, no muss and fuss, just running.

Here’s the FB link to it

People have different reasons for doing these, for me it’s about building a base for 2015 and keeping myself active. More of consistency and balance, no dododo and teeth grinding. Slow and Strong is the key, too much too fast is never a good thing, and I’ve learned that the hard way.

Join in on one or all with me and quite a few others! 🙂