Marathon Training week 3

It started really bad with no motivation at all and ended with a bang of happiness!

Too much of pressure makes all fun go away, so the latter part of training week 3 was about “first easy and fun, then fast”. No useless photo pauses, too much watch checking is banned. Go with feel and remember for gods sake to enjoy the journey!

Also, because I have been stupid, I’ve been lacking on stretching and taking care of my recovery, I woke up friday with super nasty muscle pain on my calves. After that I’ve got back to smart choices.

So from no motivation at all to easy, fun and relaxed. On friday I will travel to London for “little” bridgethegap and seeing my dear friends and run Hackney Half Marathon :).

And now to last weeks runs.

Tuesday – 3 miles/ 4,82km planned, 5km done. The weather was insanely warm, so I went for run in late evening, but it was so humid that I was sweating like a little pig.

Wednesday – 5 miles/ 8km planned, 8,01km done. Slow buddyrun with the doggy.

Thursday – 3 miles/ 4,82km planned, 8,40km done. This was my “change” run. Before this run I didn’t have any motivation to do anything with my training, I just went through the runs because they were on my plan. But this one, I decided that I have to ditch the speed aspect from my mind. So this was all about no pressure just enjoying and damn, it felt good!

Sunday – 6 miles/ 9,65km planned for saturday, 13,1km done. Amazing run, pure enjoyment, just fun! So this is how running should be and then this training will be something I want to do.



First Week of Marathon Training

First week of training behind, didn’t go as planned all the way but “listen to your body” was the thing to do.

Here’s how the original plan was and what I did:

Monday – restday; long bikeride and walking with the dog

Tuesday – 3miles (4,82km); 3,17miles (5,11km)

Wednesday – 5miles (8km); 5,03miles (8,09km)

Thursday – 3miles (4,82km); restday and traveling to Berlin at night for We Own The Night

Friday – restday; We Own The Night Berlin 10K, 00:53:02

Saturday – 8miles (12,87km); restday and traveling back home

Sunday – cross; restday

So, more rest than the plan said, but I really needed it. I learned the hard way that I can’t go on without proper sleep. Traveling late night to Berlin and only sleeping few hours, touristing and racing in the night was just too much to my body and when I got home I had no energy to do any training. I actually slept for good 12 hours and woke up to sunday with a tired mind and body, almost feeling little sick. So I took slow and nice walk with my dog and ate good, strawberries for breakfast :). Sometimes our bodies tell us what to do, and I had to listen mine.

And now… about the race! It was a solodolo thing, like my first race back in Helsinki last August. I felt pretty tired and somehow reluctant before the start, but then at the start line I felt the adrenaline kicking in, really kicking in! There was around 14,000 girls running the race and really narrow streets… That meant a lot of zig zagging and trying to get around to run without any fuss. I felt super strong and fast, something that I haven’t in a long time. I somehow couldn’t believe it. But I kept going and pushed on. There was only one moment when I thought that have I pushed too hard, but then I kept thinking and saying my motto in my head “You got this, You got this!”. One of the best parts of the race was when I realized that I was almost at 9km and there was Run Pack Berlin cheering, and boy did they!! I was all about gunfingers and happiness by that point and just flew past with a huge smile on my face! Thank you guys and girls!!

There were some things that made the experience little sour. Before the race day, there was no proper directions about where the whole thing is going to be, especially if you were from outside Berlin. Even at the race day I didn’t really have any idea where to go. I got some directions from a friend and knew the area, so I did find the place but even around the area, there was no signs or anything. At the race village there was a lot of girls from around the world or at least how I understood from what I heard. And everything and all the info was only in german. I did understood most of it and could help this girl I met there from Denmark, but as in general it was not well organized. That was a slight bummer, and having that many girls running on super narrow roads was a bit of a bummer too. But realizing how strong I can be and how much I can push myself if I believe in myself, are more than I could wish. Strong mind, strong body equals strong race! πŸ™‚

Now it’s new week and new runs ahead, lot of learning behind in only this short time… What will this all bring out of me, that’s what I’m interest in! πŸ˜‰


Radio silence is off now. Back from amazing Β time back home in Finland.

Two weeks filled with huge amounts of love, lot of good workouts, enjoyment, friends, family, MY LITTLE SISTER!!

Before I went to Finland this time, I have always had this thing that one day if I have kids I want to move back to Tampere, my old home town. The thing is that I have lived somewhere else for 14 years, so my memories are smeared with gold, and maybe little far from reality. Or that’s what I realized when I was there almost half of my time.

One day I wanted to go to the city and just walk around and see all my childhood places. First thing, in my head all the places was obviously big and the distances between them too… The reality was so weird. The city isn’t that big and my memories were maybe even crushed, but not all in bad way. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to realize that you’re not anymore who you thought you are and that you have bigger hunger for pretty much everything that we have in our lives. It was really nice to see in myself. I wasn’t sad, more happy to be able to see that, but at the same time be able to enjoy everything around me and have my memories.

I felt that I am in such a different place with myself, that I was able to look around and just full heartedly enjoy everything. That’s an awesome feeling, and I can recommend it! πŸ™‚

I also finally got my much needed motivation for working out and running back. That’s extremely good, because tomorrow will be the first day of my Berlin Marathon Training!! Biggest thanks for getting my mojo back, goes to my amazing Little Sis, love you!! πŸ™‚

New doors open, new adventures coming, can you wish for a better holiday?! Just so super blessed to have my family and friends in Finland, and feel your support and love!


Marathon Fever

It has hit me hard… Marathon fever!

As some of you know, I have my first full Marathon this September in Berlin. Last week I finally realized that it’s happening and I probably should start thinking about the training plan… Somehow I thought in my pretty head that I still have loads of time, ended up being not so much. My training starts next month :). Excited and scared at the same time!!

To be honest, I kind of lost my motivation to run or do anything active after Berlin, no idea why. Maybe it was so overwhelming that it was too much and I needed a break. Also some personal stuff took my interest in anything for little while, but I feel that I’m getting back on my groove and happiness.

Yesterday was the day of Boston Marathon. It was the first marathon I have ever watched and it was so amazing and super emotional. I knew that I cry easy but I didn’t know that I would get that emotional just watching people on the start line waiting to go. It made me think about my own full in Berlin and also made me laugh a little because I thought that I probably need some extra hydration because of all the tears :D.

And because I feel that I can do anything, I entered for the London Marathon 2015 ballot this morning! Fingers crossed!

Also, I have dreams of running Copenhagen half and Amsterdam half this year too. This girl has dreams for days!!

I’m also searching a charity for depression that I could raise money for, because I really want to give back something that I have got in my past and still in my everyday life.

Back to my future training… I chose to use training plan from Hal Higdon. I didn’t have any clue which training plan is good, so I got some help from a friend who’s run a marathon and now I am covered. I chose the Novice 2 plan, not too much so there might be space for me to do more if I feel like it, but let’s go slow and smart on this one. I will keep you posted with how it all goes.

Here’s a link to Hal Higdons site

Btw… The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty is a great movie, and the soundtrack is perfect for long and steady runs! πŸ™‚

Face Your Fears

Last week was huge to me, I faced quite few of my biggest fears.

We all have different kind of fears, for others yours can sound ridiculous but they aren’t, they are big for you.

I did face mine. I met a new friend, which is super hard for me. It went really well and I’m blessed to have her as my friend. I said things that are extremely hard for me to a person that I love so much and it went well and I felt free and strong. And I faced my fear of running with a new friend that I didn’t know before, and it went well and I felt happy, blessed and sweaty afterwards, but want to only thank you! πŸ™‚

I’m not good at facing my fears, but I’m able to jump to the unknown sometimes without thinking about it at all… For example, I’m terrified to go and meet someone new, but I’m able to move to a another country without thinking it more than 15minutes… That doesn’t really make any sense but that’s how it goes.

Fears can come from where ever, it can be a bad experience, childhood memory, too many missed opportunities, a depression that doesn’t let you go.

But I am strong and sometimes we need reminder how amazing we are. I have few people in this world that do exactly that to me, and with their help I remembered that Damn, I’m amazing and I can do what ever I put my heart to!

In a really short period of time my life has taken a new direction, with strong heart and new voice inside that says that I rock! Because I do and so does all of us, in our own way!

It’s okay to be afraid, but don’t let it freeze you, like it did me for really long time.