It seems to be insanely hard for me to forget the struggles and actually concentrate on all the good that I have going on. I make my own life at times so hard, with worrying about things that shouldn’t matter at all.
Sometimes life kicks the air out of us, that happens and will happen, it’s part of life. But the way I handle it is up to me.
But if I only concentrate to those “bad” things, obviously the good won’t feel anything at all. I get caught up with this emotional roller coaster and forget myself. Panic about things that I should just completely put aside and forget. Not make things bigger than they are. Give time to myself and others. Patience!! When will I learn.
I seem to go from my new habits to old all of sudden and feel literally like SHIT!
I am able to go from all good to all just shit so fast that I get angry at myself, and end up exhausting myself mentally with it all. Me doing it all, no one else… So I probably should stop it too, as it’s only making me go backwards. And look and feel like a zombie! I’m eating my own energy… Crazy smart!
It’s a new day and I should act like it, with the notion of all the amazing things in my mind.
So, BREATHE! And I might need to bitchslap myself too 🙂
All will be good if I give myself a chance for it!