CPH HALF – Uniting People Across Boarders

Photo by Sofie Riisgaard

Photo by Sofie Riisgaard

Last weekend, or the five days around last weekend were more than amazing. Little to no sleep. All the laughter and hugs. So many new people, more than ever before.

For five days I was surrounded by like minded people from places I hope to visit but have never been before. People who reminds that we are all the same and all have the same heart beating inside of us. image2 (6)

When the world is how it is these days, it’s pretty damn amazing to have a platform like we have through running. We break all the barriers and stereotypes, fear and worries about difference. We conquer it all with love for a thing that is the simplest. We share the love and show the world how amazing it all could be.image3 (4)

I might see some of my closest friends once a year but when I get to hug them after all that time, it’s like nothing have been between us. I got to hug new people that I know will be part of my life for the rest of my time here. That stuff is special. I know again, even more than before, how blessed I am to found running and all these people. I know that I have new places to visit because there’s people who I feel at home with.12000980_937674826294929_3938398543305013179_o

I would never in my life before thought that I could have friends this much all over the world. What we have with Bridge The Gap is insanely amazing.

It’s about the unity, passion, love, friendships and respect to one another.12015085_10153638889944878_8159246979629199194_o

Yes, we did run the race, but what really have stayed with me, almost like a fire burning is the fact how lucky I am. After having one of the hardest years of my life, I could not feel more loved and grateful for all of this. The feeling when you see a person you’ve been in contact only through social media and can finally hug, priceless. It’s like they’ve always been next to you.

For me, this all is about being there for others, loving and appreciating the difference of all of us and using it as a force to show the world how we really are to each other. I’ve learned so much through this all, learning more all the time. Loving more all the time. Positive vibes spreading around the globe.

Photo by Pim Rinkes

Photo by Pim Rinkes

I want to thank all that were part of that time here in Copenhagen, thank you for making one of the most emotional times the best ever. I might have lost my Grandma exactly year ago, and ran for her again this year, but the love around me carried me home and I know that I Grandma would be the happiest to see all of this in my life.

Let’s keep being us, because we are pretty damn amazing!

PMA. LOVE. PEACE. ❤image1 (12)

Almost A Year, Since…

It’s so close to a year since I lost my Grandma. I look at the calendar and remember too well how these days felt last year.

A year ago after she passed away, I made a decision of running the Copenhagen Half in her memory. And this year, I will do the same. Now only less than a month to go to that day, I am feeling really anxious at times when running. I feel like I am not sure what the feelings I have inside of me are.

She was the first family member that I lost, that meant so much to me. Kind of one of those who you think will never die, but then she was gone.

I remember the last time I was with her, little over a year ago, just before I moved the first time to Copenhagen. She said to me that I need to be brave and really make this happen for myself. I deserve to be happy and have a life that I want. Last year I didn’t have that all in me, now I do but I am terrified if I will make it really happen.

And in a way that fear makes me mad, because she believed in me, which was a bit of a confusing thought after all she knew I had gone through and done.

But that is what I should believe myself, to believe that I do deserve all the happiness and what I wish to have in my life. I’ve gone through a lot to be where I am, so it’s my time.

I am running for her again, the only roadrace that I am running this year, giving the medal to my Grandpa, because it’s not about me and it means a lot more to give it to him. I have no idea how this year will go, I want to make her proud and I know that I will, by just trying my best.

I love you and miss you like no one else. You are always with me. ❤

Just before last years race, when all of the tears and hurt came out at once.

Just before last years race, when all of the tears and hurt came out at once.