12/31, 13/31, 14/31, 15/31 & 16/31

Little running collage coming up here :).
It’s been running up and downs, tired legs, tired mind, joy, winner feeling, the want to keep going, not even thinking of quitting!
Yesterday was my 15th day of this month everyday running challenge and in 15 days I have run 100km!!! Pretty proud! 🙂








Boom, it’s getting cold here, like real cold. Today was the first day when I was running in proper winter weather, little crisp -9C and snowing under my feet. I love this kind of weather! 🙂
In couple of weeks during the winter time, I’ll be running in way colder place. At the moment it can be -31C there… Let’s see how my running will be there :D.
Running in cold doesn’t feel bad at all, you just have to have the right equipment on. I love how the air feels, cleaner and crisp!


6/31, 7/31 & 8/31

Past three days have gone past so fast that wow. But I won’t stop doing what I set out to do. Yesterday was the first day that I felt that I didn’t want to leave for a run but once I put my running stuff on, it all goes away and then you feel like a champion, especially after the run. No matter how short or long it may be.
Now it’s new week and new runs to conquer!
Running is not always easy but if you stick with it, it will reward you. That’s what I have learned :).20131209-125827.jpg