Yesterdays run was quite amazing but for some reason I just didn’t want to go, but goodie that I did. The weather was soooo nice with lots of sun shine, few minus degrees and tiny bit snow, what more can you wish for :).
There was also a deer spotting, because on my path there was deer just standing there and then crossed it to disappear to the forest. It was maybe less than 10 metres from me and so so beautiful! So it was good that I went :). And I didn’t want to quit my challenge on the second day!
But one thing that I was worried before, happened already on my second day! I didn’t eat enough before my run, then after I was “too busy” to leave and didn’t eat enough, in the city I had too much fun with seeing my friend and didn’t eat enough… And so on. I didn’t even realize it before just before going to bed and tried to stuff myself with food, which ended up only making me feel really shitty :(. This morning I really felt it, I feel like I have a hangover without drinking, so now I’m slowly dehydrating and eating myself back to normal to be able to do what I’m set to do. When will I learn?!