Somehow this week is turning out to be amazing! 🙂 Not a bad thing for sure!

These past couple of weeks have been this massive change to my old way of living. I got a job, which in the beginning messed my whole rhythm because I work in the evening and I use to have really “calm” day rhythm. Last week I was just exhausted, my body was yelling from tiredness and just because I needed to adjust to this. But this week I’m getting in to this new thing, and it’s pretty nice!

And also these past weeks I have noticed so many really good changes in myself, how awesome is that! 🙂

It’s not only changes in my body, which is superb but also and mostly in my mind and how I deal with things. So all the hard work through past years has finally started to pay, BOOM!

But I also have to give shout out to my new amazing body, hihi! I have worked and worked and I get surprised every day with how proud I am with the results!

Have I ever been proud of my body and my mind like this, NO! So it is time for this :).

It’s awesome to be in stressful situation at work and realize that I’m able to be calm and just keep doing my best, not panic and start to mess up like before. And if it’s not the best day, still I know that tomorrow is a new day and I can do better, and it doesn’t mean that everything crushes down and I have to beat myself mentally because of that. It’s so nice to notice those changes in yourself.

I’m just in a positive place with myself and I love it and will keep going! 🙂

And fall is here! I love those nippy cold days with sun, lovelove!

I’m so hyped with positive energy now and the weather is perfect so I will go for a run! 🙂

Here’s some awesome websites that you should check, because they are inspirational, motivational and just pure BOOM!

Peace, Love and Run!








First one done, 30 day to go!

I was putting this run away to the darkest corner and really was fearing it. I dont understand what I was so scared about, no idea. Maybe I was unsure if I would really do this and not give up like I always did before. But I knew that I have to do this! For myself, finally!

But as always, I loved the feeling when I was running! So I guess the joke was on me :D…

It felt so good and all I could think was “I’M DOING THIS!!” 🙂

This month is huge thing for me, it’s about me finding who I am better, to believe in myself, conquer my fears, believe that I can, find positive things to think about myself, love myself, be proud of myself, be healthier and the list goes on.
To be honest it’s also about looking better and feeling good about how I look. I want to be able to look in the mirror and say to myself that “You look good!”. I’ve always had hard time to except myself and how I look. I someway thought that I’m beautiful and look nice but most of the time I felt ugly, boyish, that I don’t belong at all. So I wish that would change, at last.
I dont want to be skinny, I want to be healthy, fit and little muscular. I love that feeling and look when I have some muscles that really show but I also love to look like a woman with some curves. I love that I have an Ass! 🙂

So let’s hope that some of those are in the mirror end of this month!