29 Days of Gratitude – Day 18

Photo by Markus Kontiainen

Photo by Markus Kontiainen

This will be simple.

I am grateful today for the uncertainty that life throws at you.

It’s not something that is easy to be grateful for, but I had to admit to myself that that’s exactly what I need to be. I need to embrace the uncertainty and feel it and ask for help and think what I can do with it.

” Lord knows that you can’t trust your head, when you’re standing on the edge.”

– Sia – Footprints

This time I am learning. I am moving forward. I am taking the moment, the day, the day as it comes. Trying not to overthink something that I just don’t have an idea of yet. Before I actually know the facts. Easy, definitely not. Necessary, definitely yes.

Be grateful of the uncertainty. Just be. You’ll understand later why.


29 Days Of Gratitude – Day 17

No filters whatsoever!

No filters whatsoever!

What up the most beautiful sunset in a looooooong time! Definite candidate for the spot of things today that I’m the most grateful for.

I’m going to do a little list of things, because that feels the best today.

Me feeling a lot better, waking up with a positive mind.

Feeling also that yesterdays run had been good, the little tiredness in my body felt great.

Finding new amazing music and sharing it with friends. And obviously jamming to it publicly :).

Feeling accomplished at work.

Getting a smile from a stranger.

Reading super interesting articles.

Getting feedback from something that was important to me and that I forgot to triple check before sending it forward. Be grateful for the mistakes you’ve made.

Having friends saying their honest opinion about certain things you need a little reality check at times… Love this. It’s about the honesty.

For making the most delicious salad for lunch, winning!

So more PMA, LOVE and SMILES! ❤

29 Days Of Gratitude – Day 16

img_3567Oh today, you surrounded me with your beauty and all that sunshine and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

Some days are just simply amazing, there are normality and maybe some negative stuff in them, but they end up making you still feel good. You’re able to smile with the simplest things that could make you smile, that is best.

Now that my mind has realized again that it’s so much easier to be positive, keep that positive mindset, my days are just easier. I am happier and feel more open to goodness.

Things that I am grateful today: sunshine, you’ve been missed. Running after all of my health issues. Talking with friends and laughing with them. Being able to send some hugs through the web to a friend who needed them. Being able to hear from another friend after a long time. Dancing and vibing to various songs in public, which obviously isn’t “allowed” haha. Being with my family and share my day with them. Sauna.

Tomorrow will be great!


29 Days Of Gratitude – Day 1

by Anni Vaara

by Anni Vaara

I thought of doing some kind of small challenge for myself, and somehow in the midst of feeling really down and sad and just challenged in a negative way lately, I decided that a Gratitude Challenge would be the best right now. So here we go, 28 days of gratitude. Every day of February, I’ll write something that I am grateful from that day. Let’s see if I can turn my blues back to all the light and positivity.

Day 1

Today definitely started with all that “Monday Moodiness”… I was grumpy and tired and didn’t understand why I am so aggressive and insecure. I almost fell asleep standing in my bus, talk about all over tiredness.

Most of the day was just not agreeing with me, I struggled hard with all that I did. I even thought that my best friend was mad at me, which she wasn’t, I was just in my funk and thought that everything was about me or my fault.

In my aggressive mood, I went to try to handle some work stuff with a mood, obviously it didn’t go as planned and I felt even more in a funk. But then after trying quite a few times, I decided to try one more time and boom, universe woke me up from my misery. I was encountered by a gentle and positive spirit and got my struggle turned into a positive surprise. First thing of proper gratitude today.

Then after I got dipped back in my funk for a bit, a friend and me were talking and in the end I felt so much better, so boom, second huge moment of gratitude.

And just now, while doing some abs after super long time off from all that kind of stuff, I felt stronger again. I did some last night and now again, and felt that I can do a bit more and that it doesn’t feel that bad. That maybe I’m slowly coming back.

Three good, small but big things of feeling really grateful.

Good start!