Interview: Liz Kellerer

I’ve gotten to know this girl, Liz Kellerer just recently, but she makes me feel amazing! She is full of talent, beauty, love and just passion for what she wants to do in life. I’m keeping this short, she is amazing and will have amazing future ahead of her, so happy to have her as a friend and will be supporting her every way I can on her journey :).
Name, age, where are you from, what do you do
My name is Liz and I’m a 20 year-old photographer, runner and (mountain)lover from South Germany. I’m a soon-to-be student and currently just enjoying life and doing a lot of running, cycling, swimming, traveling and loving.
Why did you start running?
Well, I’ve always been really active. I’ve been in a gymnastics-group for more than ten years, I played football for some years, I did a little athletics and swimming here and there – but when I was eleven years old, my mum just asked me to run a 5k-running competition on the day she was running her first half marathon. The day before the race I did my first 5k ever and I was quite sure that I’ll never be able to run over the finish line. But I just did. And ended up as the 2nd woman in 26minutes (it was a new, unknown running-competition that just started in 2005 so there weren’t that many competitors :D). One year later, I was already able to run those 5k in 22minutes. So I just ran, ran and ran.
So, all in all I have to thank my mother for bringing me into running.What has running given to you?
Oh, a lot. First of all, a brand new view of my self. I mean, I’ve never been the prettiest or skinniest girl out there – but I have the legs and the mind to run for 42km. Just for fun. I’m strong, and I have the discipline to train hard for my goals. Also, I’ve seen so many beautiful places while running and I experienced so many wonderful, small moments. There’s something so magical about running through the forest on a foggy morning. Or running on the top of the hill and having a wonderful view over Lake Garda. Or seeing a little fox and deer in the rain in the forest. I would’ve never been able to get memories like these without running. And, most important, I gained many new friends and a strong community through running.
I have a notebook, a kind of a diary. It’s filled with pictures, texts, tickets and all that stuff. There’s also a list I wrote by the end of last year with my goals for this year.
So, my running goals are:
– Marathon sub 4:00
– Olympic Triathlon
– Halfmarathon sub 1:40
I already finished my first marathon in 3:54:11 on may 4th – so, only two goals left.
The triathlon is in august, the halfmarathon in september. So let’s see. Or rather: Let’s run!
But my overall running goal is to be happy, healthy and always having fun while running.Favorite race / race memory? 
Oh, there are so many..
1. Running my first race at the age of 11. That’s just where everything started.
2. There’s a run in Ulm where you run up the Ulmer Münster (tallest church in the whole world, by the way). Only stairs. The runners start every 30 seconds. So when I was running up the stairs I heard someone crying – and I found a little girl sitting on the stairs, really exhausted and weak. She just couldn’t do it. So I sat her on my back and I carried her to the top of the church – the way down was shorter, but it was simply not possible to carry her down as the other runners would just bump into me. Yep, so I climbed up about 400 stairs with a 40kg-child on my back.
3. On my first halfmarathon it was way too hot outside – after weeks of snow we just had about 24 degrees on the race day. At kilometer 19 I was really tired, I just didn’t feel like running anymore. There was a man running next to me and he just told me: “I’m tired, too. Let’s just do it together.” – and so we both finished in 1:50, we crossed the finish line at the very same time and just hugged each. We both were so thankful.
4. On my second halfmarathon (a round-course with 4x5km), I already had my tan lines from cycling – and there was a group of biker standing with their bikes cheering at me every time I passed them. They were so happy to see a girl with tan lines from cycling – and for me it was pretty motivating to have a personal fan group, haha.
5. My mother being proud as hell after I finished my first 5k, second 5k, first 10k, second 10k, third 10k, first 21k, second 21k, third 21k, first 42k and ever other run I did. It’s always such a good feeling to make her being proud of me.
6. Having a boyfriend who runs with me every run, who travels with me to my first marathon, who just understands why I am doing all of this. I’ll never forget the hug he gave me after my first marathon when I was more than on my physical and psychical limit.
And.. many many many more.
Personal golden tip/motto when it comes to running?
Not my own words, but:
“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.” (Shanti) and “May you have air in your lungs, life in your legs, have the wind at your back and wings on your feet.” (Geoff Hollister).
And all in all: You can do whatever you want to do. You just need to do it.
Favorite running product?
Oh, there are some running tights by Nike. Mine already have holes and are really outworn (and I really need to get some new ones), but they are sooo comfortable!
It’s the Nike Filament Tight. Not available everywhere, but I can just recommend it to everyone (and if you buy one, just buy two, or three. You will never regret it!).
OH AND! The Nike Tech Fleece Cape. Wah! That’s the most comfortable thing I ever wore. Best 80€ I ever spent on something.
Best thing in the whole world is wearing the tights and the cape together.
Also, I don’t want to miss my Garmin Forerunner 220. Such a good running watch!
Favorite thing to do?
Running. 😀 Nah, just kidding.
Besides from running I love cycling, swimming, snowboarding, hiking.
And besides from sports I love photography.
It’s just like The Runograph once said on his blog:
“Since I was a child running was my passion. I enjoyed running in the streets no matter the time or place, running was my only goal. The streets, my sneakers and me. As the time passed photography became one of my passions too. It’s my life. It’s what I do. It’s what I love.”
Oh, and I love cooking and eating – almost forgot the most important thing. 😀
Guilty pleasure?
I don’t have any guilty pleasures as I just do what makes me happy – and IF it’s listening to “Ruby” by Kaiser Chiefs during my first marathon or eating a whole bag of chips, a pizza and a cup of ice-cream on one day – it’s totally ok, worth it and the thing I wanted to do. Having regrets and feeling guilty after something you once wanted so bad is just ridiculous. 
What inspires/motivates you?
I just want to see where my body’s limits are.
And I get motivated by all the wonderful people I surround myself with and by my goals.
Favorite song, book, movie, shoe, city?
One does not have only one favorite song/book/movie..?
Song: Atlantas Genius – Trojans (and thousands more..)
Book: Extremly loud and incredibly close – Jonathan Safran Foer (and also many more..)
Movie: The secret life of Walter Mitty (and many many more..)
Shoe: The Nike Flyknit Lunar 2. Most. Comfortable. Shoe. Ever.
City: London! Just London!Social Media:
Instagram: @lizkefotografie
Facebook Photography: /LizKeFotografie
Facebook Running: /fromwherelizkeruns
Facebook Personal: /lizcellarer


Interview: Amina Khan

Next one on my interview series is Amina Khan. I surprisingly found her on Instagram 😉 , gotta love that thing! When I found her and started to follow, she was training for the Palestine Marathon and I just got interested because she was and is kicking some ass in her training, while being injured and unable to run she was boxing. She’s super talented jewellery designer, check Jewel Heritage. Also (funny fact) we shared the love for Arnica, a homeopathic super medicine! I’m really happy to meet her in London soon and have some gelato :).

Name, age, where you are from, what do you do

Amina, 26, currently reside in London, I work for a jewellery designer and do my own jewellery when I find the time!

Why did you start to run?

I stopped and started running for a period of maybe 2,3 years before I started to run routinely. A few pals run with the Run Dem Crew and I’d seem them smash 5, 6, 13.1 milers and I was like woah, I wish I could do that.  And I did for a while but then I stopped as I felt like I wasn’t improving. Then I got peer pressured into the British 10k when I started a new job and from then I ran maybe once a week, which then snowballed into me running a marathon!

What running has given to you?

A sense of achievement in a weird way. Every time I finish a run especially a long one or one where I have broken one of my PB’s. It’s also allowed me to bond with people and create special memories.

Goals when it comes to running?

To run an average 8 minute mile by the end of the year, sub 48 minute this year on a 10K and to run another marathon in a part of the world I would never visit on a regular holiday. That’s the great thing about running, it allows you to visit places you never though you’d go to.

Favorite race/race memory?

My whole trip for the Paris half marathon was so special as I was sharing it with friends and it was in honour of a good friends father who had passed away a few months before. All four of us just have great memories of the whole trip, including the mistaking the washing up liquid for olive oil that ruined our pre-evening carb loaded, race dinner. The Palestine marathon was such a blur, it seemed to end so quickly, the whole trip, but every step of the race for me was so special. Nothing I do this year will top running my first marathon in Palestine, not even if I visit the moon.

Personal golden tip/motto when it comes to running?

For me, when I feel like giving up, I remember the feeling of satisfaction of finishing. Knowing I pulled through those negative thoughts that tell you to just give up. The same goes with when I have stopped and not finished a run, I remember how shitty I feel and I try and use these emotions to pull me through any bad slump I have during a run. Sometimes I catch myself looking down at my feet thinking, watching each stride and thinking wow, you are so lucky to be running freely right now at this moment in time. Sounds silly but give it a try on your next time.

Favorite running product?

My Nike running jacket, that works in all kinds of weather. I wear it so much it has started to rip in all kinds of places but I refuse to get rid of it. It has been with me to every race from Bethlehem to Paris. It just sucks Nike no longer do it! I also truly believe the Nike Pegasus +30 is the best running shoe.

Favorite thing(to do) outside of running?

When I got injured I turned to boxing for comfort and I absolutely love it. When I’m not boxing, I write reviews and sometimes articles, which I love to do…. And eating gelato. Lots and lots of gelato. If you’re ever in London go to 3BIS –

Guilty pleasure, anything(music/food/drink/whatever) if you have?

Gelato. Usually I’ll have 3 scoops. Pistachio, nutella and peanut butter. I am also currently obsessed with collecting artwork, postcards, jewellery by Erte and finding the perfect pair of sunglasses.

What inspires/motivates you?

When I see results, from seeing a faint two pack from core work to running a PB, I think it helps with the ego which then makes you determined to continue and improve. It’s kinda funny, we are working with Nike at my workplace, as my boss has designed the We Own The Night finishers medals for London and seeing people who thought they couldn’t run a mile and thought I was crazy for running at 6am in the morning before work, sign up, train and become genuinely excited about it, inspires me to keep at this crazy thing called running.

Favorite song/book/movie/shoe/city?

Ever? Argh, hard so for song, but I’ve been revisiting Lauryn Hill and have Lost Ones on repeat. Cannot wait to see her live. Book, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Matilda by Roald Dahl, both have special memories for me. Shoe – running – the Pegasus. Style – Air Max 1. Smart shoe – Russell & Bromley brogues. City – London ‘when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford’.

Social media 

Instagram – @toocooltodrool


Interview : Melissa Doldron

Interview time!
We found each other on Instagram and the rest is history ;). Melissa Doldron is a kick ass runner and boxer and does what I dream to do for living. In short I find her to be amazeballs and we both have superb dogs to run with. She motivates me to try harder and when I feel down she always seems to find the right words to make me feel that I’m not alone, basically I feel that even if we live a sea apart, she’s a dear friend! And we share the love for guacamole and burritos!! Girl you rock!!
Name, age, where you are from, what do you do
Melissa Doldron, 37, from Toronto, Canada
I am a Registered Massage Therapist
Why did you start to run?
I am a former competitive amateur boxer, and as a boxer you need to put in your road work to build your cardio, so you ran. I hated every moment of it. LOL.
After a shoulder injury, I couldn’t box for a year, so to keep in shape, I kept running. Then I got a dog, and too keep him happy (i.e.: tired), I kept running. 😉
What running has given to you?
SO MUCH! Health, happiness, physical challenges and more recently, a real sense of community. I started to stay in shape, then chose some goals and began to race, then I discovered and was welcomed into an amazing run community in my city where the true happiness for running began.
Goals when it comes to running?
To run happy and healthy for as long as physically possible! I love the thought of being 80+ years old and still running!
Favorite race/race memory?
Has to be my most recent race, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, DC. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!! I traveled and ran with ladies from my city, got to connect with run crews I’ve followed via social media, it was SO EMPOWERING! The weather, the race course, it sounds cliche, but it just felt magical the whole weekend. Plus, I had a PB!
Personal golden tip/motto when it comes to running?
Golden tip is to treat your body kindly and incorporate cross-training, stretching, self-care and treatment (massage/physical therapy/chiropractic treatments) for injury prevention and maintenance.
Motto: “You are your only limitation.”
Favorite running product?
I love my Nike GPS watch for timing my runs. My Nike Flyknit Free’s and I’m obsessed with funky run tights! it’s a serious problem. LOL!
Favorite thing (to do) outside of running?
Boxing is and will always be my true sport passion! I’m an artist and art lover, so I love galleries, shows, etc. I also love being outside: in nature, sunny warm weather, anything active! – esp with my dog Simba. I also love eating burritos. Haha!
Guilty pleasure, anything(music/food/drink/whatever) if you have?
GUACAMOLE….and burritos. It’s a problem. LMAO.
What inspires/motivates you?
Honestly, my friends. I have some of the best friends every who constantly provide inspiration, motivation, a shoulder to cry on or vent to! So many men and women smashing personal goals, whether with running, fitness, boxing, art, music, LIFE! I’m a lucky girl.
Favorite song/book/movie/shoe/city?
Current favourite book is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. A real page turner! I have SO many that I love. The Millennium Trilogy (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) is also one of my favourites!
I love anything Nike for shoes! And Toms (I’m into comfort!)
Any city is full of amazing adventure if you look for it! I love visiting Crown Point in Tobago tho because it always feels like home.
Social media 
Twitter/Instagram: @melissad_rmt


Interview: Jamie Simpson

I wanted to interview people that I admire, love, find to be an inspiration and motivation to me.

And first person that I want to share with you, is my Big Bruv and a crew member from Manchester, Jamie Simpson. We met in Berlin while the Half Marathon and became instant friends for life. He keeps me pushing, believes in me and reminds me of my positive parts all the time. Rarely in our lives we find people that we just click and know that the friendship is there, Jamie is like that for me. He is a new to running (less than 4 months!!!) but he has such an amazing spirit and he will go so far with his goals. I have the honor to run next to him in Hackney, which will be his first Half, so happy to share that with him! Super proud of you, my friend!!

Name, age, where you are from, what do you do:

Jamie Simpson aka poppa j, 37 years young, from Manchester England, UK. I work in retail as a store manager for Footasylum.

Why did you start to run?

I started running through my good friends Ciaran and Richard who are co founders of Still Waters Run Deep based in Manchester, they inspired and motivated me to push myself and to step out my comfort zone and in doing so I’ve loved every minute of it!! Apart from getting injured of course.

What running has given to you?

Running has given me a positive frame of mind, strong body, lots of new inspiring people in my life as well as a sense of achievement every time I go that extra couple of mile or kilometers.

Goals when it comes to running? 

My goals are to finish my first race (Hackney Half Marathon) with my running crew and some special people pushing me all the way and then continue to race eventually doing my first full marathon in the near future. At this early stage I’m not looking to smash PB’s just go out there and enjoy the atmosphere and be part of the bridge the gap movement which is also a massive inspiration seeing how much it’s growing.

Favorite race/race memory?

As I’m still waiting to do my first race I can’t say I’ve got a favourite race but my race memory has got to be seeing my two good friends Rich aka Apples and Mirka aka Mirka bird (that’s meeee 😀 ) aka my little big sister finish the Berlin Half Marathon and experiencing the whole atmosphere that surrounded the whole bridge the gap movement and all the friends I made whilst out there, so I have to give a big shout out to the Berlin Braves for hosting us and what an amazing time and memories I have from there!!! 

Personal golden tip/motto when it comes to running?

Recently I had a tattoo which reads “without struggle there is no progress” which means a lot because you need to struggle to then make the progress….as life alone is a struggle!!! And don’t take running too serious, enjoy it, have fun and everything will fall into place.
Favorite running product?
My favourite running product has to be Nike because that’s all I wear, I’m a walking/running advertisement for them. You could call me a Nike whore.
Favorite thing (to do) outside of running?
Favourite thing to do outside of running has to be meeting with my good friends to hangout or to go for a bike ride, Movies, good food.
Guilty pleasure, anything(music/food/drink/whatever) if you have?
What inspires/motivates you?
What inspires me is seeing the crew I run with get bigger and stronger and seeing each individual get that little bit faster and stronger with the help and push from everyone else. And what motivates me is knowing I’ve got the crew to back me up when I am struggling.
Favorite song/book/movie/shoe/city?
I don’t really have a favourite song as I have such a diverse taste of music so it’s probably more about how I feel at the moment in time, favourite movie is Goodfellas, with lots and lots more coming a close second!! I read a book which inspired the making of the Goodfellas movie which was really good (can’t remember what it’s called) also a book called Killing Pablo. It was the life and death of Pablo Escobar! Favourite shoe has to be my Nike Huarache Max 90 Hufquake’s amongst many many others! Favourite city has to be my home town of Manchester with possibly Berlin a very close second.
You can find Jamie from Instagram as Poppa_J76
Sorry for the weird textmessup…internetz.

Marathon Update

Only couple of weeks and my marathon training begins! Super excited!

As I wrote before, I chose to use Hal Higdons plan and because I am in a way old school, I wanted to do my training plan in a notebook. So I got this nice notebook and took one spread for everyday. And for everyday there is what I need to do and I have room to write how I felt, how was the run, what I ate, what shoes I wore, just room to keep track of my training. And if there’s anything else I want to write.

Before my training starts I get to go home to Finland and basically hug my whole family for two weeks :). Stoked!

Berlin Marathon here I come!!

Also, because I have this bad habit on my long runs, which is I always drink too little. So because I knew that, I knew that a bottle is not enough on those future long runs and I started searching for a hydration vest, which was easier than I thought because I already knew a little what I wanted and I had some tips from other girls.

So I got this Nathan Torchlight Intensity vest, which is 3M material so I will be well seen and has 2L bladder and it fits super good on me. Can’t wait for those long runs and be able to test this bad girl! And it has pink on it, which is a bonus :).

Here’s link to that plan that I am using:

Also, if you are interested about great inspiring and motivating listen, have a check of this podcast with Robin Arzon: