29 Days Of Gratitude – Day 1

by Anni Vaara

by Anni Vaara

I thought of doing some kind of small challenge for myself, and somehow in the midst of feeling really down and sad and just challenged in a negative way lately, I decided that a Gratitude Challenge would be the best right now. So here we go, 28 days of gratitude. Every day of February, I’ll write something that I am grateful from that day. Let’s see if I can turn my blues back to all the light and positivity.

Day 1

Today definitely started with all that “Monday Moodiness”… I was grumpy and tired and didn’t understand why I am so aggressive and insecure. I almost fell asleep standing in my bus, talk about all over tiredness.

Most of the day was just not agreeing with me, I struggled hard with all that I did. I even thought that my best friend was mad at me, which she wasn’t, I was just in my funk and thought that everything was about me or my fault.

In my aggressive mood, I went to try to handle some work stuff with a mood, obviously it didn’t go as planned and I felt even more in a funk. But then after trying quite a few times, I decided to try one more time and boom, universe woke me up from my misery. I was encountered by a gentle and positive spirit and got my struggle turned into a positive surprise. First thing of proper gratitude today.

Then after I got dipped back in my funk for a bit, a friend and me were talking and in the end I felt so much better, so boom, second huge moment of gratitude.

And just now, while doing some abs after super long time off from all that kind of stuff, I felt stronger again. I did some last night and now again, and felt that I can do a bit more and that it doesn’t feel that bad. That maybe I’m slowly coming back.

Three good, small but big things of feeling really grateful.

Good start!