Luckiest Girl In The World!!

Oh yes! I am the luckiest girl in the world!! This birthday of mine today has been the best birthday ever! It has overwhelmed and humbled me to the core and I’ve never felt this loved and blessed.

I have been shying away from having birthdays for many many years and I didn’t have any plans for this big 30 either, but oh boy was I surprised with huge amount of love!

It all started on the moment when the day changed… My dear friend was waiting to clock to hit midnight and the second it did, she pulled a gift from her bag and gave me nicest birthday speech ever. I had to dug my head in her hear because I was about to cry :). And the gift is so me and she made it for me, how awesome is that!! She’s so talented and I love her!!

Then this morning after waking up I skyped with my family in Finland and they even sang to me, winning!! It was so amazing to see my family and just made my heart fill up with warmth and happiness, love you!!

Couple of days ago, I gave myself a promise that on my birthday I will run an long run to celebrate this new chapter, and I did!! I wanted to run 18 km to check how it feels and to make me ready for next sunday for the Berlin Half Marathon.

This run was the best in so many months, felt so amazing! I just ran out of pure happiness. My shin pain was pretty much gone and even got better as in no pain at all, so nice! I felt light, free, blessed, humbled, happy, strong. I even got back to my favorite running place, when you don’t think anything and just in away are in this meditative mindset, it’s the Bombzz! Also there was this moment where I ran past an buss stop and looked at myself and said to myself ” You look Strong!” and I am, so strong and I need to remember that!

When I got back home I was just smiling and feeling amazing and I knew that my wish of having tacos for birthday breakfast was cooking and soon ready. Lucky me :). But as I was told to go away from the kitchen for a little, I didn’t ever could thought of what’s coming! I was greeted with gifts from my dear friend and my boyfriend and some pirate themed party gifts! I got so overwhelmed about all of this that I just stared and couldn’t move and ended up crying :).

Today has been the best day ever! I’m so happy to start this new chapter, new age and all of the new doors that I have in my future! Thank you to all who have remembered me, means so much, I feel extremely lucky and blessed and this day has humbled me to the core!!


This song was playing when I was running and I felt so strongly that it’s my new Me singing to my old Me. I have chosen my battles and I am winning now for sure! 🙂