Marathon Training week 4&5

This post is a bit delayed… I planned on writing this straight after I come back from London. Well sometimes things change and that’s okay too :).

Last week went between warm blankets and cup of tea in hand. So that part will be short but let’s put week 4 here.

Week 4

Tuesday – 3miles/ 4,82km planned, instead I took an extra restday and spend it with my friend and rode my bike.

Sneak peak from a little test photoshoot we did with my amazing friend :)

Sneak peak from a little test photoshoot we did with my amazing friend 🙂


Wednesday – 6miles/ 9,65km planned, 10,2km done. Amazing relaxed run to prep myself for the Bridge the Gap weekend in London :).

Thursday – 3miles/ 4,82km planned, 5km buddyrun done.

Saturday – 11miles/17,7km planned but loads of fun run done! 8km around London, shaking our legs out :).

Sunday – Racedayyyy! 21,2km done in heat next to amazing friend, having waterwars and fun the whole time! 😀

Week 5

Tuesday – 3miles/4,82km planned, but because this was traveling day and I only had about 3 hours of sleep, I decided to take it easy.

Wednesday – 6miles/ 9,65km planned, 5km buddyrun done. Super tired and sluggish run, felt already a bit sick but just wanted to push through.

Thursday – 3miles/ 4,82km planned, spent in bed :(. And the rest of the week too…

But tomorrow I will be back! 🙂 Today I will do some yoga and some stretching to make my body ready for running again after resting well.20140630-131948-47988864.jpg


Bridging The Gap with Hackney Half

Enjoying our time together with amazing friends at Primrose Hill

Enjoying our time together with amazing friends at Primrose Hill

How can I start this… It was one of those weekends. Filled with friends, love, happiness, running, dancing. Also new friends, good food, bike rides, sunrises and smiles.

This was my second Bridge The Gap event, and I was prepared for this one. I learned my lesson in Berlin, when it comes to eating and drinking enough ;). So I had goals, yes eat and drink, but get to that after party and dance my ass off, because I missed that in Berlin due to heatstroke.

But also prepared for not expecting too much, and mostly enjoying the moments without extra craziness. As I wrote after Berlin, I was sadly a bit disappointed in certain things, so this time I was wiser and also was able to let things fly over me without caring. Which made the whole time in London wayyy better. It’s all about learning. 🙂

About that eating part ;). Cronut filled with raspberry  creamy stuff, yum!

About that eating part ;). Cronut filled with raspberry creamy stuff, yum!

The point of this trip was to see friends and run the race. I was so excited to see some friends that I had missed a lot during these couple of months, and how many new ones did I gain, it’s insane how amazing people there are to get to know! When it came to the race, I was so honored to be there for my friend, Jamie, to run his first Half. Sharing is caring and I could not be happier that I did that.

So, I arrived on Friday afternoon, met my amazing friend, Dani and we took my stuff to her place, got bikes and biked to the city. How nice it is to see newish places from that perspective! Best!

Best hostess the mostest!

Best hostess the mostest!

Though obviously I wasn’t ready for the switch of the sides while in traffic haha! But no accidents, only a minor fight with a fence when going over it haha! So, Friday was all about meeting people and eating and chilling. It was just so nice, could not ask for anything better. Night riding through London was pretty awesome.

Saturday came fast with a first Bridge The Gap event, shake out run and bbq. I have been dreaming of running with Run Dem Crew through London streets and now I got that chance :). Not only did I got the chance to run with Run Dem, there were people from NBRO/ Denmark, Patta & Running Junkies/Netherlands, Run Pack & Berlin Braves/ Germany, Paris Running Club/ France and obviously my crew, Still Waters Run Deep :). If I forgot someone, please forgive me.

Sunday! Race Day! Heat! Yes, so Sunday came and the weather was super hot already early in the morning, but this time I was prepared. I had my cap on and water bottle. Days before the race some people were saying that the course is quite flat… How wrong were they haha! It started with a hill and when you were just dead from the heat in the end, there was few hills more. During the course there were so many runners who just collapsed from the heat, so hydration was pretty big deal. We had great race, and the crowd around the course were so amazing, thank you! And when we got to Cheer Dem Crew, all happiness broke loose! I jumped on Ciaran in Berlin, and I warned him that I will do it again and boom, I did it twice! 🙂 That feeling that you get from people you know cheering like their lives depended on it, is insane! Makes you feel like you can do anything, and basically you can!! 🙂



I could not be prouder of Jamie, on how he ran his first half. It was not easy by any means but he pushed through like a champ!! On to the next one!!

Sneezy Panda Yeller and Super Champ!!

Sneezy Panda Yeller and Super Champ!!

I was so happy after the race, so proud, feeling good, surrounded by friends, can you ask for anything better?! And I was ready for the after party 😀 this time nothing would stop me from dancing!



It feels hard to write down what that weekend felt, it’s a lot. It’s been a week since I came home, got a proper after fun flu and now try to make all those feelings in to a blog post… What I can say is that these days with all these amazing people give me hope, and make me feel like home. I have this huge safety net of friends all over the world. I can be who I genuinely am and I am accepted, that is lucky! Obviously I am “secretly” planning the next racetrip to be able to see my friends again, and make many more. I will leave you with photos and stop trying to explain something which I can’t :). Thank you! You all are amazing! Till the next time! Love and hugs!

Run Dem Crew x NBRO x Still Waters Run Deep

Run Dem Crew x NBRO x Still Waters Run Deep





Interview: Amina Khan

Next one on my interview series is Amina Khan. I surprisingly found her on Instagram 😉 , gotta love that thing! When I found her and started to follow, she was training for the Palestine Marathon and I just got interested because she was and is kicking some ass in her training, while being injured and unable to run she was boxing. She’s super talented jewellery designer, check Jewel Heritage. Also (funny fact) we shared the love for Arnica, a homeopathic super medicine! I’m really happy to meet her in London soon and have some gelato :).

Name, age, where you are from, what do you do

Amina, 26, currently reside in London, I work for a jewellery designer and do my own jewellery when I find the time!

Why did you start to run?

I stopped and started running for a period of maybe 2,3 years before I started to run routinely. A few pals run with the Run Dem Crew and I’d seem them smash 5, 6, 13.1 milers and I was like woah, I wish I could do that.  And I did for a while but then I stopped as I felt like I wasn’t improving. Then I got peer pressured into the British 10k when I started a new job and from then I ran maybe once a week, which then snowballed into me running a marathon!

What running has given to you?

A sense of achievement in a weird way. Every time I finish a run especially a long one or one where I have broken one of my PB’s. It’s also allowed me to bond with people and create special memories.

Goals when it comes to running?

To run an average 8 minute mile by the end of the year, sub 48 minute this year on a 10K and to run another marathon in a part of the world I would never visit on a regular holiday. That’s the great thing about running, it allows you to visit places you never though you’d go to.

Favorite race/race memory?

My whole trip for the Paris half marathon was so special as I was sharing it with friends and it was in honour of a good friends father who had passed away a few months before. All four of us just have great memories of the whole trip, including the mistaking the washing up liquid for olive oil that ruined our pre-evening carb loaded, race dinner. The Palestine marathon was such a blur, it seemed to end so quickly, the whole trip, but every step of the race for me was so special. Nothing I do this year will top running my first marathon in Palestine, not even if I visit the moon.

Personal golden tip/motto when it comes to running?

For me, when I feel like giving up, I remember the feeling of satisfaction of finishing. Knowing I pulled through those negative thoughts that tell you to just give up. The same goes with when I have stopped and not finished a run, I remember how shitty I feel and I try and use these emotions to pull me through any bad slump I have during a run. Sometimes I catch myself looking down at my feet thinking, watching each stride and thinking wow, you are so lucky to be running freely right now at this moment in time. Sounds silly but give it a try on your next time.

Favorite running product?

My Nike running jacket, that works in all kinds of weather. I wear it so much it has started to rip in all kinds of places but I refuse to get rid of it. It has been with me to every race from Bethlehem to Paris. It just sucks Nike no longer do it! I also truly believe the Nike Pegasus +30 is the best running shoe.

Favorite thing(to do) outside of running?

When I got injured I turned to boxing for comfort and I absolutely love it. When I’m not boxing, I write reviews and sometimes articles, which I love to do…. And eating gelato. Lots and lots of gelato. If you’re ever in London go to 3BIS –

Guilty pleasure, anything(music/food/drink/whatever) if you have?

Gelato. Usually I’ll have 3 scoops. Pistachio, nutella and peanut butter. I am also currently obsessed with collecting artwork, postcards, jewellery by Erte and finding the perfect pair of sunglasses.

What inspires/motivates you?

When I see results, from seeing a faint two pack from core work to running a PB, I think it helps with the ego which then makes you determined to continue and improve. It’s kinda funny, we are working with Nike at my workplace, as my boss has designed the We Own The Night finishers medals for London and seeing people who thought they couldn’t run a mile and thought I was crazy for running at 6am in the morning before work, sign up, train and become genuinely excited about it, inspires me to keep at this crazy thing called running.

Favorite song/book/movie/shoe/city?

Ever? Argh, hard so for song, but I’ve been revisiting Lauryn Hill and have Lost Ones on repeat. Cannot wait to see her live. Book, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Matilda by Roald Dahl, both have special memories for me. Shoe – running – the Pegasus. Style – Air Max 1. Smart shoe – Russell & Bromley brogues. City – London ‘when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford’.

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