29 Days Of Gratitude – Day 17

No filters whatsoever!

No filters whatsoever!

What up the most beautiful sunset in a looooooong time! Definite candidate for the spot of things today that I’m the most grateful for.

I’m going to do a little list of things, because that feels the best today.

Me feeling a lot better, waking up with a positive mind.

Feeling also that yesterdays run had been good, the little tiredness in my body felt great.

Finding new amazing music and sharing it with friends. And obviously jamming to it publicly :).

Feeling accomplished at work.

Getting a smile from a stranger.

Reading super interesting articles.

Getting feedback from something that was important to me and that I forgot to triple check before sending it forward. Be grateful for the mistakes you’ve made.

Having friends saying their honest opinion about certain things you need a little reality check at times… Love this. It’s about the honesty.

For making the most delicious salad for lunch, winning!

So more PMA, LOVE and SMILES! ❤

Gracias – Levels (Stream Fast, Die Young)

New song from Gracias, amazing song and video!

I’ve had the pleasure to meet this amazingly talented young man, big thing poppin’ for him!!

As a girl from Finland, I have to give a extra shoutout that this talent comes form North like me. We have a lot of good hip hop from Finland but Gracias takes the cake for me any day!!

Can’t wait the album to drop soon!!!

Gracias – Levels (Stream Fast, Die Young)