Solo Dolo Sunday

Solo Dolo, like Kid Cudi sang. My Man, My Rock,My “YOU”, My Biggest Supporter and the list goes on forever :)… left for his superduper dream holiday today and I feel weird.

I’m used to having him next to me and now I’m all of sudden in this state that I don’t know what to do, like I haven’t been alone before haha! It’s partly because of this darn sunday, sundays are those lazy days when we usually do a huge breakfast and watch something/ whatever together and just be. And I love that!!

We had amazing talk yesterday and he’s so supportive on my running project and all what I want it to do to my self esteem and how I see myself. It’s so weird and new for me to have someone like him in my life and I’m so grateful! My goal is to make myself understand that I CAN and I hope that after this month of my solo doloism and running, I can go to the airport and stand there looking healthier, stronger, more confident and happier :).

I never thought that I can be this lucky but I guess that tiny hope and voice inside of me that always wanted to believe that someday it happens was right. I even had two tattoos about that subject tattooed on me, because I wanted to believe. They are song names from my favorite artist Robyn, ” Indestructible” and “Love Kills”. On both of those songs she writes just like I want to believe:


“And I never was smart with love
I let the bad ones in and the good ones go
But I’m gonna love you like I’ve never been hurt before
I’m gonna love you like I’m indestructible”

Love Kills

“Protect yourself cuz you’ll wrack yourself
In this cold hard world, so check yourself

You can see your dreams and you shield yourself
‘Til that one kind soul reveals itself”

So I’m thanking you My Love for being “That One Kind Soul” for me and loving me like you do!❤